Pixelated Sausage - Back to the Future: The Game Review

Pixelated Sausage reviews all five episodes of Back to the Future: The Game as a collective on the PlayStation 3.

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doctorstrange2662d ago

Can't go wrong with Back to the Future.

Trexman892662d ago

but you can with adventure games.

Solid_Snake-2662d ago

i loved em. the PC controlling was a bit iffy so i plugged in the good ole 360 controller and fixed it.

i would love if these guys did a jurasic park game.

Infernostew2662d ago

Umm... They are doing a Jurassic Park game.

Persistantthug2662d ago

So far I've played the first episode on the PS3 and got all 5 games for $10.

If you like adventure games like this, and if you're a fan of BACK TO THE FUTURE, You'll be pleasantly surprised.

I give the game a solid 8/10

SolidSystem2662d ago

the PC controls are shit too.... this game is no point n click game.... we have to use our mouse like its an analog stick.

Infernostew2662d ago

All in all the Back to the Future episodes were good. The story was fun and even though it's not point and click (most telltale games these days aren't), the controls were pretty tight. The voice talent was surprisingly well done too. My one big gripe is that compared to other Telltale adventure games this one is way too easy and I can understand that they made it easier to appeal to a wider audience but it left me wanting more of a challenge. 7/10 for me, really looking forward to a sequel because the ending was great.

MrDead2662d ago

I enjoyed these games, anything to continue the Back to the Future story is good in my book. What I would love is more Monkey Island and Sam & Max games as well.

Infernostew2662d ago

I was so disappointed that during their huge announcement on upcoming games that no Monkey Island and Sam & Max were announced. I like that they're doing a bunch of licensed stuff but I love my classic adventure games and Tales of Monkey Island was so good, it just needs a sequel.

coolfool2662d ago

I played the demo but no matter how much I tried (went through all the menu's and switched everything I could find off) it still gave lots of hints on the puzzles. I wanted to play it like an old school puzzler with zero help!