4 Brand New Official PS3 XMB Themes

These 4 new(ish)XMB PS3 themes are from the official PS3 japanese website, downloaded and packaged for your convinience. New(ish) because the "pink" theme has been borrowed from the PSP. Just unpack the file, save to a memory stick and insert into the PS3, then select themes from the XMB and at the top you will see "install", click and select the memory stick, Enjoy.


For all people having troubles:

Step by Step Guide:

1: Download file off Rapidshare or off the Japanese sony site
2: Get a form of portable media (SD card, Flash drive, USB memory stick)
3: Create a new folder on the memory stick called PS3
4: Then create a new folder inside the PS3 folder called THEMES
+++ If you downloaded from r/share the folders will already be created++
5: Place the theme files that you downloaded inside the THEMES folder
Folder should look like this: Memory stick-->PS3-->THEMES-->"theme file"
6: Insert memory stick into PS3
7: select themes from the XMB
8: At the top select "install"
9: Select the theme to install and click ok
Repeat steps 8 + 9 for each theme.

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Darkiewonder4058d ago (Edited 4058d ago )

And not just recolouring :x

EDIT: I like the icons for the Pixel theme. Just need a better wallpaper because white on white doesn't do it for me [Refer to the color of the font]

ShadowPliskin4058d ago

If you do not wish to download the collective file, you can visit the Japanese site and download them from there. However there are only 3 of the 4 themes there. The 4th theme was taken from the theme developers kit.

StormSoldier4058d ago

this aint working i cant get it to work any1 can help me???

ShadowPliskin4058d ago

Explain, What doesnt work? What part are you having difficulty with?

Mattguy4058d ago

What if you don't have a memory stick? No dice?

dhammalama4058d ago

Might work, I dunno. Give it a shot.

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The story is too old to be commented.