New FREE version of StarCraft II announced; Starcraft II: Starter Edition

DSOGaming writes: "Blizzard has just announced a new edition for Starcraft II. StarCraft II: Starter Edition allows anyone to play the following Starcraft II content for free. Yeap, you read that right. What's more interesting is that you can play MP matches for free with this Edition. Consider it an extended demo of Starcraft II if you will, but this is something huge and was really unexpected. And all that is required to enjoy this free version is a account and an Internet connection."

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rumplstilts2691d ago

Really interesting marketing decision from Blizzard. I am really not seeing a future where people are running to stores to buy there games. Everything is gonna digital within our lifetimes.

vickers5002691d ago

The link in the article is for the European version.

Here's a quick link to the us version just for convenience:

Motorola2691d ago

Thanks. that was helpful.

Blasphemy2690d ago

I didn't realize that until after I downloaded it! Thank you.

Solid_Snake-2690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

i have never played starcraft before but enjoy my RTS games every now and then so gonna give this a try.

this is why it is great marketing to do this as i might enjoy it and hey presto they get a sale out of me.

keep up the good work PC devs.

PlayerX2691d ago

Now you no longer have an excuse not to play the best RTS of the past Decade.

Cpt_kitten2691d ago

eh got the full retail version for free anyway, same with the Witcher 2

Blasphemy2691d ago

It is a PC game after all...

Chnswdchldrn2691d ago

im really not liking all these games going free to play, spells nothing but bad news for future games

TF2, then SC2, whats next

despair2691d ago

what does free to play have to do with this?

dirthurts2691d ago

It's just an extended demo really.
Not a free to play.
Why don't people read the articles?

grailly2690d ago

I read the articles and didn't get it. the campaign part is clear, but for the multiplayer it isn't. Do people have access to the whole multiplayer portion of the game?

if so, It would mean that blizzard doesn't expect much more sales until heart of swarm, which would also mean it would be launching pretty soon(Q1 2012?). anyway, it's a good move for their competitive multiplayer scene

hazelamy2690d ago

if it gets more people playing and maybe buying the game then it's a good thing right?