Battlefield 3 vs. Modern Warfare 3 – EA DICE offer longevity

Could Activision's annual Call of Duty releases be the franchise's downfall - EA DICE has released a statement saying that this is not the way forward for Battlefield.

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xYLeinen2695d ago

Activition does too with 15 levels of prestige >_>

Pandamobile2694d ago (Edited 2694d ago )

Prestige is retarded. What's the point of losing all your stuff and going back to square one fifteen times?

They're talking about the fact that people aren't going to up and leave BF3 a year after it launches like people do with Call of Duty.

Solid_Snake-2694d ago

i totally agree on that. there is no difference between 1st prestige and 10th prestige. there the same weapons over and over again.

i like how battlefield spreads your guns and gadgets out across the whole leveling up.

Agent_hitman2694d ago

EA DICE offer longevity???

make sense to me

Cmpunk2694d ago

both will be great games, battlefield for an epic war sence of feeling and cod for a fun quick arcade game with my mates from school, it will be uncharted that will win me over for longetivity, i mean that BETA WAS AMAZING

InNomeDiDio2694d ago

Or play both and you have the double amount of longevity. Why limit yourself!?

3GenGames2694d ago

Because with one of those, we've played it 5 games before and it's not getting any better and the other is new and a better experience overall in every section, unless you want kill streaks to play instead, then COD is for you.

InNomeDiDio2694d ago

I think that there has been some improvements in CoD. And why make something entirely new when the Game is already pretty good and millions of people play it everyday. I'm sure MW3 will be great Fun. But I don't troll on every article and make one game look bad, that's just cheap. If you don't want one game -> don't comment and care. But I'll buy both games.

3GenGames2694d ago (Edited 2694d ago )

Gameplay doesn't get old, but game engines do. LOOK AT BATTLEFIELD 3. Same core gameplay from 1942, BF2, 2142, and even 1943. But you know what? The changes, different engines, added features [Not modes like spec ops, zombies, or even killstreaks] make the game and make it fun, even if the core gameplay stays exactly the same. For it to be working for DICE and not for Activision and their developers, you know somebody is doing something better. You don't see people threatening to not buy BF3 because it's the same game.

COD need to go back to the roots in COD4 and even COD2. Now they said they'd do that with this game, but all they're doing is herding the sheep until release. Then they will do it again. Wash, rinse, repeat, over and over. I'd have hope for this, but when the people who made COD4 great get fired and take the rest of the crew with them, that makes me not even want to rent the game, since I know that what made it great is gone and only $$$ are seen by Activision today, so you might as well kiss this series good bye. COD will never be the same, COD will never be good again.

cyborg472694d ago

im waiting for inside_out's comments...pretty entertaining they are lol.

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