Nintendo Interested in Smartphones & Social Networks

Martin Watts for Bits 'n' Bytes Gaming writes:

More and more details appear to be emerging about Nintendo’s recent investor Q&A briefing in Tokyo last Friday, and the latest piece of news concerns the 3DS’ dreaded foe, the smartphone (or least it is according to some analysts).

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SpoonyRedMage2694d ago

Wow what a crappy, misleading headline.

Linko642689d ago

Indeed, but we only have the people who approved it to blame, even if that counts most of said site staff.

fluffydelusions2694d ago

I don't see the problem with them releasing older titles on smartphones. More money for Nintendo in the end.

maniacmayhem2694d ago

I find it hilarious that Nintendo is days late a dollar short and under dressed when it comes to internet/social networking.

now and only they state they see the potential of online social networks and such.

Nintendo can be so ahead of the curve and be behind the times at the same time.

Rrobba2694d ago

That's not what I expected after reading that title.