First Battlefield 3 screen run on Playstation 3 (off-screen)

First Battlefield 3 screen run on Playstation 3 (off-screen)

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BizDaWolf2666d ago

looks good if you look close at the pic you can see the ps3 controls on the table

PRHB HYBRiiD2666d ago

wow looks a lot better than i expected i cant wait!!

thugbob2666d ago (Edited 2666d ago )

Where's that Inside_ Out troll?

BF3 looks amazing on the PS3.


Hellsvacancy2666d ago

Lens Of Truth comparison incomin!

bayport2666d ago

Wooow. They have a bunch of Fat PS3's

suprised that there weren't a bunch of slims

Razgriz182666d ago

@ bayport:
Probably Devkit consoles.

Anyway, those are some really lucky SOB's right there :p

BeOneWithTheGun2666d ago

@bayport. If you look close you will see "tool" right underneath the "Playstation" logo. Gotta be dev kit.

Mr_Lu_Kim2666d ago (Edited 2666d ago )

I am surprised that it has taken someone this long to notice.


People should not approve these poorly submitted articles, it would have only taken 1 minute to properly submit this otherwise relevant news.

Shame on you ichdich

Inside_out2666d ago (Edited 2666d ago )

Impressed with a little pic huh...O_o

A picture is worth a thousand words they say...this video is lot more...this is the PC version on high settings but I'm sure it's nothing compared to the PS3 version and your...PICTURE...

A silly fanboy like you is unfortunately, the type of guy that will be effected by this travesty the most...sad really. There are a lot more video's, unfortunately, they show all the same " issues " and that is on PC with high setting. Downright ugly color palette, if you can call it that. Bizarre lighting, broken glitchy animations and a physics engine that wouldn't look out of place last gen...I knew it wouldn't look like the E3/pre E3 trailers but Wow...even the EA made trailer that was made in response to the leaks is no different.

Dice has already said that it will not be " at the least " worse than Battlefield 2...o_0...what a ringing endorsement huh. :/

How about another the guy fall at the's just comical...what is wrong with this game engine???

btw...I guess we can add collision detection issues as well...the guy fell a good 6 inches into the floor...impressive. :o

Asgaro2666d ago

@ Inside_out:
You are showing gameplay of the ALPHA version. You know what that means?

If most of these issues are still in the beta, then you can complain as much as you want.
But not now.

awi59512665d ago

The fats are way better anyway thats why i cant bring myself to sell it. Ill never get another one maybe

BattleAxe2665d ago (Edited 2665d ago )

Yeah, I love my 60 gig PS3 from September 2006, but my first 60 gig model(February 2006) got the YLOD after 2 years of heavy use, got it fixed(warranty), it lasted another year and then froze during an update and somehow I lost all internet features and conectivity, and then I was still able to sell it for $100.00 and then 6 months after that the guy called me and told me it got the YLOD again, but that was disclosed as a possibility when he bought it, so not my problem.

But the 60 gig model I still have runs great and haven't had any issues, so heres hoping that I'll get at least a few more years out of it. I had bought a 120 gig system to replace my first PS3 which has been a great unit also. The only thing that makes me mad about my first 60 gig model is that I could not deactivate it from my PSN account, so at the first sign of trouble I'll deactivate my remaining 60 gig model just incase, and then I'll sell it.

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YoungKiller252666d ago (Edited 2666d ago )

Looks the same as bad company 2 to me -_- but i know this is highly anticipated, so my comment wont be liked but im only speaking my opinion.

OcelotRigz2666d ago

Kinda the same here, havent been blown away by the graphics like most people. Regardless, gameplay is what matters and i really cant wait to get my hands on this.

Ares842666d ago

I'm sorry but that doesn't look anything like BFBC2. You probably haven't seen BFBC2.

Also this picture is blurry so it's hard to judge the actual quality of BF3 on the PS3 just yet.

So this tells me that you are just trolling.

Yardie2666d ago


Just because somebody has an opinion that is different to yours, doesn't mean they're trolling.

we have seen footage of bf3 on ps3, his opinion could be based on that.

ThanatosDMC2666d ago

If a blind person told you he saw a puppy instead of the lion charging at you to rip your face off, would you believe him? Do you see why some opinions don't work?

snipes1012666d ago (Edited 2666d ago )


yes...some opinions don't work. His does though. To him, it looks no better than the last game. To you, it looks great. Plus if you're going to claim that this crappy off-screen-from-a-diagonal-ang le screen shot tells you that this definitely looks better than BC2, I think you're lying.

I can barely tell the difference either and in all honesty I don't give two craps about how the game looks...long as it plays well.

Your analogy wasn't that great either in my opinion. See, there's opinions at work again :)

DigitalxPiracy2666d ago

Are you kidding me? I was in the Alpha and it looks better than BFBC2 maxed out on PC right now. Maybe the console version is a different story but the graphics are incredible.

snipes1012666d ago

no not kidding you. I honestly just dont give a damn about graphics and plus...I'm talking about this screen shot, what can you honestly ascertain from this screen shot? Did you look at the screen shot? It's a ps3 screen shot so I do not know why you're talking about pc.

YoungKiller252666d ago

Im not talking about the PC, im talking about the PS3 Version and thats it, this off shot grab from that angle in that scene looks the same as BFBC2, Im sorry. And I was Dissappointed with all the BF's Graphics when i finally played them i really expect no different from this one. I'll tell you though I LOVE BF Games and its why Im a battlefield Veteran unlike most of you, Just jumping on the Band Wagon now, or even a game ago

SuperbVillain2666d ago

oh cool,I've never met a blind gamer before

snipes1012665d ago (Edited 2665d ago )


I was replying to digital with that post (#1.2.7), the one concerning the pc.

I've been playing the console battlefields since the one on the original xbox, Modern Combat I believe? I have played every one up until now and I will continue to do so so I'm definitely not one of these band wagoners.

I'll also be playing COD when it comes out, I love 'em both.

In all honesty though, all of this hype over these shooters (COD, BF3)is getting annoying. I wish the dang games would come out already so N4G can go back to more news that I care about as opposed to boards that bash other games and consoles all of the damn time.

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lMHl2666d ago ShowReplies(1)
seinfan2666d ago

If only you used some commas or periods, then I'd understand what exactly you typed.

andibandit2666d ago

I can only say WOW, that looks, just as good, if not better than the PC version.

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Septic2666d ago

Show me some gameplay videos!!!

SilentNegotiator2666d ago

Well there are SOME gameplay videos out there for the ps3.

Js2Kings2666d ago

That's only one :/

But I do hope someone sneaks out a PS3 video, it might of been hard just to capture this one picture, since no others have been shown.

Hozi892666d ago

LMAO....I can't stop laughing when the host asked they player "Can you just hide?"

AO1JMM2666d ago

Damn that park!!! LOL

What no 360 screenshots?

Off topic I preordered my digital copy of BF3 on Origin. Beta FTW!

Ducky2666d ago (Edited 2666d ago )

Aye, used a 25% off coupon for it too. =)

Edit: Yea, GunClub.
Good thing I hadn't joined it earlier. ;)

DERKADER2666d ago

Same here I was going to get a physical copy in store but the 25% off and early beta access pushed me over the edge. Did you get your coupon from EA's Gun Club?

Solid_Snake-2666d ago

i just signed up for the gun club news letter and awaiting my discount reward. thanks for the heads up.

looks like origin woo'ed me over.

cant wait for my early beta.

pm me for my origin name.

Northtouch2665d ago

Just had an idea, it might sound silly tho.

Preorder on origin > get early beta access > play beta > after beta finshes cancel preorder.

I guess this only applies to console players. PC players can do it too.

Unless im missing something and my plan is fail.

Ducky2665d ago

^ There is an open beta to the public anyways.

The origin pre-orders get 48hour early access to the beta before anyone else...
... so it's a convoluted plan just to get 2 days of early access. =/

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Fishy Fingers2666d ago

Tempting, but I'm not going to pay 25% more on Origin just for the beta.

I think the idea of a beta has been pretty much skull f***ed to death this gen.

Ducky2666d ago (Edited 2666d ago )

You get the beta anyways.

Pre-ordering on Origin simply get you early access to it (similar to what the MoH pre-orders got)

In my case, I got it for 25% less (or well... 15% less compared to D2D)

mrmancs2666d ago

im actually very very impressed.

firemassacre2666d ago

dice did a hell of a job on the ps3 version,looks great.

Pl4sm42666d ago

Dice is the masters now .... praise them !!!!!

xabmol2666d ago


Only after I get ME2!!

DA_SHREDDER2665d ago

Dice Masters? Praise them? There's 10 people who need to get with reality. Video games aren't gonna save your soul.