Nintendo Worried that Fans May Wait For a Price Drop When Wii U Launches

GP Editor, Jason Clement writes, "Hot on the heels of its announcement that the 3DS's price will be lowered, Nintendo is now concerned that this price drop may affect the Wii U's launch.

That is, they're afraid that they may have lost the faith of fans who had purchased the 3DS at launch, only for Nintendo to cut the price on the handheld less than six months after its release."

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Godchild10202694d ago

There will be no need to wait if you (Nintendo) give us (the gamers) some solid launch titles and some heavy hitters throughout the year from the date of launch. If you want to through some icing on the cake give us a solid price for the console and not market it as a slightly better Wii.

There are more but I can live with what I've mention for the release.

KingSlayer2694d ago

Agreed. If they come with the thunder and can differentiate between the WiiU/Wii better than they did the 3DS/DS...smooth sailing. Unless the price is insane, I'll be grabbing one.

handheldwars22694d ago (Edited 2694d ago )

The ideal launch price would be $299 for me, and the ideal launch title would be a new Super Smash Bros...

I would buy it in a heart beat!

Tired2694d ago

But if nobody bought one for a couple of months they'd drop the price...BONUS!

Yi-Long2694d ago

.... that has convinced me that I need to buy this system on Day 1.

I had high hopes for this new console when Nintendo announced it would please the casual AND the hardcore crowd, but I wasn't impressed with what we were shown at E3.

I was just hoping for a powerful new console with a normal controller, but yet again they are gambling on a gimmick, which to me as a boring guy who just wants to sit on his lazy ass and play games with a normal comfortable controller, isn't very interesting.

kreate2693d ago

lets all of us not buy a wii u for few months after launch.

and when price drops by 33%

lets all go buy one :D

ChickeyCantor2693d ago

"I was just hoping for a powerful new console with a normal controller"

Honestly, you are just doing it to yourself then.

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Godchild10202694d ago

Through?? I meant throw some icing on the cake...

@handheldwars2, The only problem with that, is they stated at E3 that it will not come until later on in the consoles life because the developers are working on Kid Icarus.

299 Is a great price, but than I still need the launch titles to go along with it.

VINNIEPAZ2694d ago (Edited 2694d ago )

Godchild1020 I totally agree. Launch with a killer game at around $300 and it'll sell. Speaking of selling, if its anything like like the Wii launch most people wont get one in 6 months anyways lol.

EDIT - I meant "find" when I said get

Domer252694d ago

I gotta say that software is one thing, but the hardware specs are just important. If they gimp this console (i agree no one knows anything) then i'm waiting it out....

JsonHenry2694d ago

Yeah, don't launch a console with mediocre to poor games and expect it to sell well. You could have the best console in the world to date but if you have zero compelling games to buy for it then you really don't have anything at all.

Misterhbk2693d ago

Rightfully so Nintendo should be worried about this. You don't do what they did and then think that people will fall for the same thing again. Okay, there are going to be plenty of people that would, but I for one have learned to wait when it comes to Nintendo consoles. The 3DS was the first that I bought early, and will be the last. A good year into the Wii U life and I may pick one up if pokemon with a good online system is there.

Godchild10202693d ago

Pokemon alone will be a system seller for me and most Pokemon lovers. If they can make one like Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness, I would be at the midnight release waiting for the doors to open.

That and Super Smash Brothers will be system sellers. Make a real Pokemon RPG and super smash on the console with Online functionally and all is well with the console for early adapters.

fatstarr2693d ago

to be quite honest you are right....

nintendo should just launch a nintendo price not a sony/microsoft dumb ___ price... if they told ppl wiiu for 199 or 249 and it had the games, hype and positive light i might have a hard time finding it in stores.

but nintendo needs to raise this embryo into a baby and get it noticed by the world and distinguish it as the evolution to the wii because casuals dont know about videogames they dont know consoles they think a n64 is superior to the gamecube you have to give them awareness so they know the wiiu is different and better and will provide the same wii experience + more.

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bifuteki2694d ago

I am going to wait regardless no matter what. I am glad they are coming out with some adult titles but since I have both PS3 and Xbox 360, it will be tough to get this console, unless they do more original titles like mad world.

xX-StolenSoul-Xx2694d ago

If they come out with some good exclusives i will get it but since I already have a Ps3 and 360 also i see no reason why to get it besides exlusives.
I'm not a fan of any mario games simply because i grew out of it and i see nothing else nintendo has to offer.

Rrobba2694d ago

That suggests to me that it will have a high price tag.

If the price is right, and the launch games are good, they won't have a problem. They cannot afford, however, to make the same mistakes they did with the 3DS.

WhiteLightning2694d ago

I'll probably wait to see how it goes at's funny because I'm usualy the guy who would buy a next gen console at launch.

If it is a high price then it will go two ways

Nintendo will now be looking into what they can cut from the console to make it cheaper

They can take the risk and see what happens, if it dosen't do as well as they hoped then they should start to worry.

Venox20082694d ago

really, make a price 300 dollars, make good launch line up and you won't have to be worried about gamers and a price drop... (Would be nice to see Metroid Wii U too :D )

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