Gears Of War 3 Xbox 360 Controller Available for PreOrder

The new Gears of War 3 customisable controller features a new D-Pad that can transform completely to a disc from a plus, that is cool. The new controller provides more precision and accuracy compared to normal 360 controllers and provides more control

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FCOLitsjustagame2661d ago

I am looking to get a new console. I think I will wait a month and get the gears one. The only thing is you dont get kinnect (which I might as well get) but you do get two of the new controllers.

The other option is the normal black one with kinnect but it would have the older controllers (I really like to try the new ones), a smaller hard drive and I would end up buying Gears separatly.

The Star Wars one is out as I dont really like the white console and I am not sold on Kinnect Star Wars.

I do expect a new console to come out (or be announced) next year but I dont want to wait that long with my old 20GBer. So I will get one now and a new one when the new ones come out.

BattleAxe2661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )

You're better off putting that money into your PC if you don't already have a good one, get a 360 controller, Download Steam, and if you're a huge Microsoft fan, then wait until Windows 8 comes out because all rumors are pointing towards being able to play Xbox 360 games on your PC because Xbox Live is going to be built into Windows 8.

fluffydelusions2661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )

Xbl on windows 8 will be just like the wp7 implementation most likely.

Bigpappy2661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )

So how is he suppose to play Gears if he puts the money in a PC? When did PC guys start turning into trolls?

I have a PC that can run most games just fine but I prefer playing on 360. Last game I played on PC was Torchlight which I bought on steam. I ended up buying that on 360 also.

Any way, I might grab on of those controllers also, even though I don't believe it would be any more accurate. I do like how it looks.

BattleAxe2661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )

Well Gears 3 will be around for a long time, its not going anywhere, but I hope and suspect that Microsoft will release most of their big titles on GFWL once Windows 8 gets released. I think this is a smart move by MS, because the PC market is growing, and MS wants to have the Xbox 360 and their next console, along with Windows Phone 7 and GFWL for PC to all become accessible through Xbox Live.

Apple has been the front runner whith their App Store and iTunes all being accessible through the Laptop/Desktop computers, their iPads, iPhones and iPod Touch devices. Sony is also interconnecting their services through the Playstation Network on their Bravia TVs, PS3, PSP/PSVita and Android devices with The Playstation Suite. So I think its great that Microsoft is doing this, and who knows, they might even be a leader in this respect.


How am I trolling, I didn't say anything negative about Microsoft, infact I'm praising what they are doing going into the future. I think its great, be happy pappy.

FCOLitsjustagame2661d ago

I appreciate what your saying but I gave up PC gaming a long time ago for a reason. I work in IT all day I just want to go home and just play my games and not worry about building a PC, or configuring a PC, or updating drivers on a PC, or just messing with a PC in general except to occassionally get on the internet.

I have tried going back with the onlive thing and the Lord of the Rings online game but I just didn't get into it. I just want my console.

Also, like Bigpappy said getting a PC now doesn't get me a xbox game system now (to play gears on) and I had indicated I am willing to buy one now even though I think a new console may come next year because I want something now. It's annoying enough that I am working on my old 20GB until mid September let alone wait to see IF MS makes those changes.

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vickers5002661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )

I say get the Gears 3 LE console. It's a better deal, and you can always buy kinnect later, perhaps even at a lowered price.

The Gears 3 LE console will get more expensive over time though.

My first 360 was a 20gb I bought off eBay, then later sold because there wasn't very many good games at launch. Then I bought one shortly after the first Gears of War came out (and I'm glad I did because gears of war 1 was amazingly fun and addictive), but gave up on it for a long time once the good exclusives started slowing down for 360 and switched over to ps3.

My most recent purchase was halo reach for 40 bucks, and the most recent before that was Gears 2. Haven't used my 360 much since then and honestly I never thought I'd ever buy another one, but I'd never miss a gears game and that new console just looks SOOO badass that I just have to get one. Plus it's actually a pretty good deal for what you get: an extra controller besides the one included, a custom paint job 360 with custom console power on and off sounds, a custom painted 360 controller with the transforming d-pad, gears of war 3, and 70gb more storage space than the current model.

I wish Sony did the same things with the ps3, I'd love to have a cool Killzone/LBP/GodofWar/inFamous ,etc. custom ps3 complete with paint job and sounds. Oh well, maybe next gen.

2661d ago
xX-StolenSoul-Xx2661d ago

Looks pretty cool, think i'll stick with my black control for now since i just bought a xbox though lol.

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