Deus Ex: Human Revolution Makes a Bid for Immortality

Game-Inspired Works By Legendary Contemporary Artists Now On Auction.

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ftwrthtx2394d ago

It can't get here soon enough.

joydestroy2394d ago

that new vid was so awesome!

Godchild10202394d ago

It's Xbox 350 and not Xbox. You need to change the tag.

I can't wait for the game. 20 more days and counting down.

Godchild10202394d ago (Edited 2394d ago )

Epic fail! Yea, I meant 360 not 350. Please don't hurt me!

AlienFodder2394d ago

This is all very nice but nowhere in the article is Eidos Montréal being mentioned and yet they're the ones who actually created the game whereas Squeek Enix is only publishing it...