Neocrisis: Catherine Review

Neocrisis writes: Catherine is Atlus latest baby. The biggest selling point is that at least in North America there aren't games like it, but, can Catherine prove that it's a game worth getting even though it has no variety in puzzles, and an extremely limited character interaction?

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fluffydelusions2687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )

6.5/10 seems harsh compared to other reviews I've read though I have yet to play the game.

Canary2687d ago

It is harsh... but only a little. Most of the other review tend to gloss over the flaws, or ignore them entirely. There is very little puzzle variation, and there are FEW puzzles. Character interaction is very, very limited. Most of the player input (which determines endings) comes in the form of randomized questions asked by a disembodied voice, or text messages (which the player can answer a variety of different ways) that have to visible effect on the narrative.

The production values are impressive, and the game's story is... quite fascinating, but when you look at how well the player is immersed into the world... how much the player is able to interact with the world... it's a BIG step backwards for Team Persona.

I would still most definitely recommend purchasing it, however: it's the only mature game this generation that actually manages to be mature.

...Though some gamers manage to play through it completely oblivious to the message.....