New screenshots and HD videos for Devil May Cry 4 [ xbox 360 version ]

New screenshots and videos from TGS build for Devil May Cry 4 ... Enjoy

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kingfury4056d ago

Are you sure that this is Devil May Cry 4 for 360? It looks like DMC3 on PS2. Textures are washed out and just looks flat out garbage. I should expect that seeing this is on 360.

Close_Second4056d ago the first to post a comment thats based on nothing but fanboyism.

The DMC franchise needs a major kick in the pants to give it new life. This unfortnately, whilst it looks better than anything a PS2 could push out, does not look like it will be anything but an HD version of previous DMC games. I just hope they give the AI a major overhaul as taking on big bosses who attack to a predefined set of moves/patterns is old and tired.

HarryEtTubMan4056d ago

Anyone that buys something knowing it is 35% defective is a MORON... I guess that includes me... I just realize it now and hate microbucks. Unfortuantely not everyone that buys a junkbox knows how the are buying a ticking time bomb of DOOM. The 360 is a piece of trash. After Halo 3... all my money will be going to my new PS3...including Devil May Cry 4

Daytona4056d ago

Ps3 wannabe fanboys, just b/c your a loser doesn't mean those that bought and support (heavily suppprt I might add) the Xbox 360 are, get a life and admit when a demo video looks and plays great.

I'm sure the ps3 version will also be great but whatever, your a bunch of losers. Feeding desperatly on the bottom of the cest pool.

p.s. Hey! that's a great title for a new game "CEST POOL"! Hmmmm.

Richdad4056d ago

The first comment is wrong the textures although seem to be muddy but the art style and sharp effects are enough for making the game look great. If texutes are problem with you have to bear it in PS3 too. Capcom games like Lost planet and Dead rising also had textures of lower reslution than other nextgen games.
I cant beleive PS3 users are bashing this game when a year earlier they were praying it. It seems if MGS or FF comes to 360 they will be saying the same about them too.

Prismo_Fillusion4056d ago

That fire monster thing looked SO FREAKING AWESOME.