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Sony PlayStation Vita clears the FCC hurdle, gets tantailizingly close to US release

"That label up there may not look like much, but the WiFi test report shown after the break makes one thing exceptionally clear: Sony's PlayStation Vita just cleared FCC testing. For those unfamiliar with the process, this is widely regarded as the final step before a consumer electronics device is shipped to retailers here in the States, and given that "fall" date we've been hearing about, it sure looks as if Sony's on pace to keep its promise. So, you did save room on this year's wish list for yet another console... right?" (PS Vita, Sony)

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himdeel  +   1528d ago
I am getting the Vita day one. So this is awesome news and lends a bit more credibility to my Amazon update showing Vita delivery estimate between Jan 9 - 15 on free shipping.
Misterhbk  +   1528d ago
Janurary? Every rumor and even this article mentions the fall release that has been spreading lime wild fire across the Internet. Odds are that October 28th date just might be correct. I can't wait!
himdeel  +   1528d ago
It's the delivery estimate for my order and I'm doing the slowest shipping possible but I expect a real announcement at TGS. However I'm really hopping for a release date before Christmas.
VINNIEPAZ  +   1528d ago
I have 2 on preorder and its killing me not knowing the release date
farhad2k8  +   1528d ago
If the product is final, and SONY are sure that it's up to par in the next month or two, it would be absolutely STUPID for SONY, if they don't sell this during Christmas (November to December 26th).

Christmas is the best time to release this bad boy, every little kid and every mature man will be crying for this. So SONY should hurry up if they want to make sales fast, or else the VITA might not be so popular next year.
Inside_out  +   1528d ago
January launch???...
Last I heard it was pushed back or forward depending how you view such things to a January launch date.

January would fit the whole notion of trying to dump all the PSP stock that will no doubt plummet once the Vita begins making its rounds. I hate when companies pull these kinds of stunts on the non-gaming folk just trying to buy a cool gadget as a present for Xmas only to find out that they REAL new gadget released a month or two later...O_o
Sevir04  +   1528d ago
It wont be january and it hasn't been pushed back
The only territory getting it this year is NA and that's because Its about 2 months from launch. FCC is the final step before retailers receive hardware products. and that at minimum has to be finalized and submitted for clearance to FCC's board of certification 2 months ahead of launch!. it's this year for the states
liveActionLeveler  +   1528d ago
OMGOMGOMG, my body is the most ready it's ever been!!!
Karum  +   1528d ago
Hoping for a release date at Gamescom in the next couple of weeks.

I might not get the Vita day 1 but as soon as I have the cash I'll be buying it, it's great new updated hardware and it can play all the games I own for my PSP Go which to me is a HUGE deal.
blackburn10  +   1528d ago
He he he he he he *runs in circles* *jumps up and down*.
sikbeta  +   1528d ago
Here I'm waiting... *gimme my PSV now!* :P
JonnyBigBoss  +   1528d ago
I want it NAO!
MasterCornholio  +   1528d ago
What sucks about europe. Is that we probably wont see the Vita until March. Oh well at least by that time after reading tons of reviews of launch games i will know which ones to get
jony_dols  +   1528d ago
I remember I imported my old PSP in from Japan, months before it hit retail in Europe.

Greatest decision I have ever made!
Everybodys golf in Japanese has epic!

It was nearly worth the purchase alone, when you'd whip it out on a bus or train, and everyone would be enviously eying it up!
Ddouble  +   1528d ago
My body and wallet are ready
CernaML  +   1528d ago
This is splendid news, however, this is just for the hardware. Are the games ready as well? You can't launch a game system without any games.

Hoping for a surprise announcement in the near future though.
Bay  +   1528d ago
If it comes out this year...you'll see me being first in line for it.

Presuming I got the cash by then, haha.
jukins  +   1528d ago
looks like we will see this in the states before the new year after all. But it would totally suck to have a device pass through fcc and not be released within a 4month time frame
christoph203  +   1528d ago
I'm not sure the game's will be ready for launch, I think modnation racers, wipeout, little deviants and maybe sound shapes will be ready but not uncharted.. there's so many features on the vita it feels like it could be real tight for sony to finish in time.. The New card format, cross-play tech, 3G.. maybe it's all close too finish now, and its just software
motherboop  +   1528d ago
Do you really think they'd lose out on the opportunity to have Uncharted available on launch date?
gustave154  +   1528d ago
Spenok  +   1528d ago
Awesome news, looks like ill be getting my hands on a PSV sooner rather then later xD

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