5 stunning new Hard Reset screens

The new PC FPS Hard Reset has got more than a few people excited with its combination of next-gen looks and old-school gameplay – and we’ve got our hands on the very latest screenshots from Polish developer Flying Wild hog.

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JsonHenry2661d ago

I'm excited for this game.

Letros2661d ago

Same, old school PC shooters 4tw.

InNomeDiDio2661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )

That's what they've been aiming for, bringing back the good old PC Gameplay. And it'll come for PC only.

wallis2661d ago

Looks interesting.

I think if they're going for such wild character designs and such clearly over the top guns they should ramp up the palette.

That dark angsty rain doesn't really line up with a giant glowing red mechanical man.

lzim2661d ago

not convinced that a bastard child of Nukem, Mass Effect and Too Human can succeed.