Battlefield 3 multiplayer beta for UK Origin pre-orders

EA has confirmed that UK consumers who pre-order Battlefield 3 via the company's Origin digital store will get access to the game's multiplayer beta. The pre-order page lists the previously revealed Back to Karkand, Physical Warfare and Battlefield Play4Free DLC, as well as the Beta access. Earlier today it was thought that the beta access was only available to US consumers, with no mention of the promotion on the UK Origin site.

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St02687d ago

Do Origin take money out as soon as your pre order something?

Trunkz Jr2687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )

Yes, I was charged on my credit card and payed it off already for Origin ^^ Some places you can put no money down, some places you can pay right away or pay some of it off, etc.

Solid_Snake-2687d ago

yeh. i have my 25% off from gun club so im getting it for £29.99 anyway from origins + my battlefield play4free gear + all pre order DLC.

i have added all my battlefield games to origins so origins is gonna be my battlefield APP for my PC.

stevenhiggster2687d ago

Lower the price and I'll think about it. Origin is the most expensive place to buy Battlefield 3 from, it's not worth 2 days more beta access!

solar2687d ago

no thx EA. i made sure i bought my copy retail so you get a smaller cut.

evrfighter2687d ago

Yup. I'm goin best buy.

Also have medal of honor so I won't be missing out on beta

Spinal2687d ago

EA can suck my balls on that one. Game uk doin limited edition for 29.99 and origin digital only doin it 39.99. If i wanted to pay that much i wud have bought the console version...