Namco Bandai Unveil Gamescom Line-Up

The largest videogames trade event in Europe, Gamecom in Colonge, is set to take place next month, and already many videogame publishers of all shapes and sizes are preparing their 2011/2012 line-ups for an outing. Following the revelation of Paradox Interactive’s line-up is one Namco Bandai Games, confirming that a number of highly-anticipated titles across a number of formats will be present at the event.

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Infernostew2666d ago

Nothing on Tales of Graces f? Come on Namco.

NobleRed2666d ago

Finally Ridge Racer ingame footage.

TheBand1t2666d ago

Dark Souls and Ace Combat

works for me

Pyscho_Mantis2666d ago

Tales of Graces F and Xillia what the hell Namco

Darkseeker2666d ago

They're not gonna announce a release date for Xillia, the thing isn't even out in japan. You need to wait a few months after the japan.

Well, there is probably a director cut with extra coming on ps3 anyway, might as well wait for that one.

Vandamme212666d ago

no tekken tag tournament 2
come on namco

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