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Deus Ex Human Revolotion - Classified Information Trailer Released

Square Enix have released another new trailer for Deus Ex: Human Revolution. (Deus Ex: Human Revolution, PS3, Xbox 360)

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HallCat  +   1353d ago
Surprised to see Deus Ex is looking so good when Warren Spector isn't attached. He was so important to the original!
Jio  +   1353d ago
I didn't expect this game to be as good as the original, but after reading the reviews and watching the trailers, I reserved the augmented edition.
AKissFromDaddy  +   1353d ago
Needs much better facial animations.
OpiZA  +   1353d ago
I agree, they are pretty basic. The game looks great either way, def pre-ordering.
clarkjudo  +   1353d ago
Mental Roller Coaster
I cannot decide on a firm choice on this purchase, but I am sure I will be Pre-ordering anyway. There are many reasons to do so.
Hozi89  +   1353d ago
I might have to buy this now...
Braid  +   1353d ago
Oh man the game looks so epic that I can overlook the terrible lip-synching.
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CraigBaker  +   1353d ago
I want this game now! Seeing the early reviews make me want this even more. Can't wait to get my Augmented Edition at Gamestop OH YEAH!!!

Craig Baker
CaitSith  +   1353d ago
I'm new to this series, but wow! I know a good game when I see it, and this looks really good imo!
DigitalRaptor  +   1353d ago
Looks remarkably amazing!

GOTY... I'm calling it!

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