Here's what Abe looks like in Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee HD

"Just Add Water have added a number of images to their Facebook page over the last couple of days, but in the last hour they have posted an image of everyone’s favourite Mudokon Abe, as he will appear in the forthcoming HD remake of Oddworld: Munch’s Oddysee."

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TheLastGuardian2691d ago

Sweet, I thought Stranger's Wrath was the only Oddworld game that was being remastered. Add Munch's Oddysee HD to the never ending list of games I need to buy. I wish they would do a full HD collection with all the games in HD on blu ray.

NukaCola2691d ago

Abe's Oddysee is releasing next year in 2012 with full HD updates. Best part is they are keeping it 2.5D in that amazing artstyle. I am super excited. Also Stranger HD and Munch HD are releasing for PS3, PC and *wait for* PS VITA!!! They say they are still trying to work something out with MS, but no word (According to rheir FB page).

I really hope Exoddus gets the HD treatment too. I love Oddworld to death. My favs are the originals, but ti's awesome to see these masterpieces getting updated.

This means the series will survive again after nearly dying. The Quintology will continue.


im pretty sure that the oddbox (pc set with all 4 games) was announced for ps3 containing all the hd remakes tho not sure if on disc or psn only

SwilloTGL2691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )


Retroplayer2691d ago

Ah, the good old days. Nice to see the classics coming to this generation.

J86blum2691d ago

If they do come through on Vita id pick them up. Speaking of wouldnt it be kinda cool if all the HD Remakes could be played on Vita. A Gaming HD Portiable PS2.. eat that 3dsiXL..whateverelse your gona name yourself.

LolololRumz2691d ago

Love that they're one of the first (To my knowledge) creating a HD remake of a PS1 Game as well.

Hopefully will inspire other companies to do the same, there are some serious classics on the PS1 that I'd love to enjoy again in HD.

Croc and Crash Bandicoot top of my list (No matter how impossible it seems)

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