Pro-G - Lair Review

A review from UK based site, Pro-G.

"Sony's dragon riding fantasy epic Lair is a game that held so much hope. When it first emerged some dazzling screenshots made enchanted gamers catch their breath, and early optimism across the industry tagged it as a great hope for the late blossoming of the then underwhelming PlayStation 3.

Now, as Sony's glossy black gaming goliath gathers steam, and its catalogue of worthwhile titles increases, Lair finally touches its blood-soaked talons down on the console, and sadly, the results are largely disappointing."

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CNIVEK4056d ago

No love from Europe either, I see. :p

Padre4056d ago

Lair = Flop of the year.

kornbeaner4056d ago (Edited 4056d ago )

It all comes down to controls. They made a big mistake making this motion control only. It just doesn't make sense. They needed to give player the option for motion and analog control. If this game would have given analog controls, it would easliy average 8's across the board.

EDIT: @below
That is true that the controls were probley not broken, but when the console is struggling to find its feet, leaving out an option that alienates a majority of current owners and potential buyers is not the best way to earn their bussiness, considering this was a highly anticipated game. I haven't played it and I might consider it when it reaches a low sales price or they give the option for analog controls(Driver download).

Danja4056d ago

yes I agree they should have gieven us the option to play with analog or motion controls....but I own this game and I must say that it's a very solid game with a great story and the controls didn't make the game unplayable a lil frustrating at times but it worked for the most part except for Targeting and the 180 turns...

devilhunterx4056d ago

well I got it few days and I enjoyed the game. The control gives you a good workout...definitely NOT for the couch potato gamers, who only like buffed guys and shoot at things