WTG | Captain America: Super Soldier Review

WTG writes, "Captain America: Super Soldier is the latest Marvel comic video game from SEGA. It coincides with the feature film released earlier this summer with the likeness of Chris Evans. The game clearly tries to copy the successful gameplay of Batman: Arkham Asylum. But can it measure up? Or is Captain America doomed to live in Batman’s shadow as the ugly red-headed step child?"

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clarkjudo2690d ago

"We still set the story in the same region and time period as the movie, but we were free to tell our own story. We created the game-flow first and then Christos Gage came on-board and wove an awesome story into the existing flow, adding a roster of villains from the comic books." - Next Level Games

Gameinformer- 7.5

MollyPopGirl2690d ago

What do you mean it failed?

clarkjudo2690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

The game did not deserve this low score, and there are plenty of reviews that debunk this review. A 2.5 seems unplayable. In it's great efforts, it should receive at least a 3.5 (or 7.5) score. I think ounce someone has played Batman AA, or hears that the game has a costume (one of three) and is set in the time of WW2 as in a movie following it's release. Their reasoning and views suddenly takes a nose dive. :)

MollyPopGirl2690d ago

I appreciate the honesty and would rather have gotten that opinion first. I guess maybe I judged it a little harshly. To be honest, I simply was just not impressed with the game at all. It has since been changed to a 3.5 score though. I can't go back and edit it on here now. Our site recently changed from a 10 system to a 5 system. I guess the way I changed the score doesn't meet everyone else's standards. I appreciate the feedback and hope to learn better in my upcoming reviews.