Forza 4 hands-on preview: GameCentral takes to the track

Turn 10’s latest installment of Forza Motorsport was formally announced at last year’s E3 and has slowly been gathering pace as racing fans count down the days to October 14, the game’s official release date in Europe. Metro was invited down to the Top Gear test track at Dunsfold for a hands-on preview of a host of the game’s new features.

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StifflerK2693d ago

I'm really looking forward to Forza 4, it looks amazing.

BlmThug2693d ago

What i love most about Forza 4 is the car list is diverse meaning theirs different types of cars for everyone

Ducky2693d ago (Edited 2693d ago )

... Do they have a three-wheeler?

I'm a three-wheeling kind of guy.

militant072693d ago

You're so funny dude /s.

zootang2693d ago

Do they have Karts or Nascar or F1???

Boletarian2693d ago

zootang, if you love GT5 so much then why aren't you playing it right now?

Maybe because you derive more enjoyment from being a nuisance on the internet? In which case maybe gaming isn't really your thing; it's just a topic you feel you can truly engage your trolling in.

MOTY2693d ago (Edited 2693d ago )

Why would a game called "Forza" which is latin for "Force or Strength" have Go-karts in it? You can create your own NASCAR in Forza since Forza is unrivaled with the amount of mechanical and physical customization you can do with cars on a console and who cares about F1 when codemasters are giving you the best F1 racing game on consoles? Forza has Le Mans...does GT5 have Le Mans? NO, so why even bother bring up other race types?

Go-Karts, Nascar and F1, ALL meaningless racing types in GT5. Nobody cares about Go-Karts, NASCAR cars are limited in GT5 while in Forza you can create your own NASCAR and not have it well as you can actually and properly customize the NASCAR IN Forza physically and Mechanically while you CAN'T in GT5. And if F1 was really a huge deal to me, I wouldn't waste my time with the limited F1 cars in GT5, I would just buy Codemasters F1 game.

In a single word...Forza is just...well...perfect for what can be done on a single console and only gets better. Turn 10 have created a new racing sim KING and it's name is FORZA.

Expect more comments to follow in the days to come when Forza is released like this one.

"Forza 4 is sure please fans of the series by tweaking the tried-and-tested formula and providing one of the most realistic driving experiences around. New features such as Kinect integration and the utterly unsubtle Top Gear tie-in may keep casual players interested for longer, but the focus remains on the cars and tracks, which should see Forza 4 ruling the racing roost for years to come."

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ironwolf2693d ago

What I love is tuning a mediocre car into a good racer, or a good racer into an outstanding racer. Tweaking suspensions and transmissions or modifying engine setups just can't be beat for providing a sense of satisfaction when you put them to use.

JellyJelly2693d ago (Edited 2693d ago )

That's what I love most about Forza. You can take a weak compact car, throw in a big tuned V8 engine, slam on 4WD drivetrain and completely overhaul it cosmetically.

Haven't had as much fun with a racing game since Streetrod for the PC/Amiga (yeah I'm old, big whoop, wanna fight about it?)

Dread2693d ago

relax dude. lol

I have also been playing since the early 80's

ironwolf2693d ago

Youngsters. I've been playing since Pong was first introduced.