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PS3 Theme Compiler Tool

Playstation Australia just released the PS3 Theme Compiler Tool with English instructions for anyone that wants to make your own PS3 Theme.

And Playstation Japan has 3 custom themes ready for download:

http://www.jp.playstation.com/ps3/update/exp_ver200.html#theme_setting (PS3)

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Blackmoses  +   2605d ago
damn!!! that was quick!!
Marty8370  +   2605d ago

P L A Y B 3 Y O N D
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xsteinbachx  +   2605d ago
pump those themes out guys!
big_tim  +   2605d ago
Has anyone gotten this to work?
I am running xp professional and the program doesn't open.

Edit: Well it is a DOS program and that is why I was having trouble. Someone needs to come out with a GUI for it.
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goodganja  +   2605d ago

I love the fact that Sony comes up with ways to keep PS3 creative. Micro$hit is still stuck with the same.....bland....blade menu which is outdated.

P L A Y B 3 Y O N D
Firewire  +   2605d ago
There are already guys on GAF making custom themes (related to games). I'll update this post when some of them are up & ready to download!
vilmer  +   2605d ago
Since I was suddenly banned from gaf, I'll have to make a request for Symphony of the Night here :P
MikeGdaGod  +   2605d ago
i don't wanna make my own, i'll just want ones already made
how do we download the themes and put them on the PS3? i can't read that Jap site.
cow moolester  +   2605d ago
This is pretty cool...I'm downloading 2.00 right now...does anyone know if it comes with one of those themes ?

@ Good ganja: I think its really sad that your supporting a company like its your friend or something when you gain nothing from it...and Sony isn't exactly the most innovative in the world...where'd motion control come from? All companies copy each other...Last time I checked Sony are copying Microsoft's achievement system...now how bad does it look for Sony (Apparently the best company in the world) when they have to copy an obviously sh!t company (according to you)...not so good eh? Grow some balls and get a life...only extreme nerds care about companies
Firewire  +   2605d ago
There is one theme that comes with the update, the heart shaped one.
cow moolester  +   2605d ago
Thanks...I'm using that one now :) The Pixel one is too bright!
DJ  +   2605d ago
I'm already designing some custom themes
Hopefully I can get those up and running so I can distribute them to you guys.
cow moolester  +   2605d ago
where ill you post them? I'd love to have a custom theme but am really bad at trying to make one :(

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