CakeAndgames "My Experiences Being A Girl Gamer"

Ruby from CakeAndGames Writes
"This is my experinces gaming, my thoughts about gaming, my likes and dislikes.Now this isn't for every single girl gamer but this is what it's like for me, playing online at first was frustrating because as most of you know, girls voices and mics don't want to work together making us sound like twelve year old boys."

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jujubee882692d ago

The only thing is, it is hard to factor the effect games have on men or women when they play online. It is hard to tell whether a man or woman is feeding into the gaming stereotype or being serious a RPG'er and that can usually augment peoples true personality.

Stuff like that should be taken into consideration but, just like anything that isn't genetically imposed, people ultimately choose things like alternate persona's.

ATi_Elite2691d ago

I don't mind playing with girls online but i kinda hate it.....not because they are girls but because when some guys find out a girl is online they turn a competitive game of online gaming into a Got Dam Dating Game session.

Dudes do not try to pick up girls during Online Gaming cause it's really Lame and Annoying.

jeseth2691d ago Show
JellyJelly2691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

jeseth - "They practically invite ridicule and derogitory comments."

That's like saying you practically invite racism if you're black, or homophobia if you are gay.

Oh, now I saw your paragraph after that. Nevermind then. Ignorance is bliss. You are saying that anyone who doesn't fit the norm of the typical gamer should "Don't ask, don't tell".

ReservoirDog3162691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

@ JellyJelly

It's just a fact though. You put your neck on the line, no matter how harmless or true, and you'll invite someone's opinion on the matter. It's just how the world works.

Whether you find that offensive or not, it is true. At least until things change.

And people being good at things that are minorities sheds good light on them. It wasn't too long ago that no minority had any respect towards them. Maybe 100 years from now it'll be an outdated practice but there are still people that hold onto the old views on minorities. Be it girls or blacks. And maybe minorities isn't the right word to use on women but I think you get what I mean. Forgive me for that but can't quite think of another word.

But whatever. My best friend is a girl gamer and she just basically learned to live with the many reactions that that brings.

edit: Also, heavy use of the mute button. To quote Lazlo from GTA, "I love that button."

dinkeldinkse2691d ago

I don't think that is what jeseth meant. I think jeseth was just trying to say a gamer is a gamer no matter if they are black, white, gay,straight, male, or female.

evrfighter2691d ago

I see this title and I cant help but think

"hey guyz gimmeh attention!!!!!!!"

DtotheRoc2691d ago

@ jellyjelly lol the word you are looking for is inferior not minorities--bring on the hate lol it'll be interesting to see who actually reads this post. i don't consider myself a a troll just as a lot of my lady friends call me, sexist chauvanistic and cocky lol. i just do it for the laughs is all.

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ZERisTHE12691d ago

More women should be gamers. If there were just as many woman gamers than they wouldn't feel neglected dating one.

Heartnet2691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

...would make competetive multiplayer alot easier aswell :O

masterofpwnage2691d ago

That's why man invented cooking mama bro.
So they can feel like a gamer and be a better cook.

Heartnet2691d ago

Agreed :) Bubbles to both of yaz ;)

jeeves862691d ago

I'm sorry, this girl must be really, really young - which would explain the whole 12-year-old boy thing. You know, Firefox has a built-in spellchecker, so does Chrome. People take you a lot more seriously when your articles aren't rife with errors. And considering the fact that it's another "lookee here!" article, you've already got the whole seriousness thing working against you.

These girl-gamer articles seem to come in waves lol.

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