Mass Effect 3′s Casey Hudson “not an RPG designer”

Although Bioware made their name creating RPG games, Mass Effect Exec Producer Casey Hudson is keen for them not to be straightjacketed by their conventions – saying “I never consider myself an RPG designer.”

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Cpt_kitten2638d ago

ah so thats why mass effect went from brillent RPG to space version of gears of war

Micro_Sony2638d ago

Hush your pie hole. ME 2 still has the same RPG elemnts that ME1 had - name one RPG elemnt that ME2 took away from ME1.

If any thing they added more action elements to ME2 but did not take away any RPG, which is a good thing because ME1 was brillant but slow.

If you want a turnbase RPG then go play a JRPG.

Cpt_kitten2638d ago (Edited 2638d ago )

the took out half the skills tree and the char. progression wasn't as good as the first, learning about your Shepard's history through the side missions and how he goes from soldier to a mature specture/leader

and to think that i only want turn base is ignorant, elder scrolls is not Jrpg and thats excellent, ME1 and Dragon age origins were excellent, Fable, Borderlands

ME2 was a poor excuse for an RPG seeing as how you didn't have the freedom as the first one, yeah you could go where ever in the galaxy but you had cerberus breathing down your neck the entire time, betraying you at every turn and you can't leave them no matter what, not to mention the took out the immersion by cutting off gameplay for the stupid post mission reports to tell you what you just did, and taking out the elevators cause the load screens where just as long

BattleAxe2638d ago (Edited 2638d ago )


You didn't give any good reasons to support you argument. It sounds like you just don't like story progression. Personally, when I bought ME2, I didn't want a repeat of ME1, thats why they called it ME2 and now this one is called.....ME3. Things become stale if they stay the same all the time.

Morbius4202638d ago

from what i remember about playing the first one was there was a lot of thinking involved whereas in me2 there was more shooting than anything else which is why i preferred the original and thought it was more rpg-like.

Baka-akaB2638d ago

it was always a simplified action rpg . It mostly shone through the dialogue and choice systeme and its plot . Stop pretending it suddenly sucks because they took away armor customs and some rather useless stats .

Besides didnt they state already they'd try brining more elements this time around ? All we can do is wait and see .

Cpt_kitten2638d ago

i have never been happy with ME2, i enjoyed the story but that was it

and they did say they were bringing about more RPG elements but then they turned around and said there simplifying it even more for new players and they said at E3 they turned it into a pure action game cause it "fits" more with the story....basically they took out the rest of the rpg elements

TheOtherTheoG2637d ago

Note that Casey Hudson was also the lead designer for not only ME1 but KoTOR as well, so there goes that logic.

Blacktric2638d ago (Edited 2638d ago )

"Typically our goals – creating interactive story, compelling progression, intense combat, and exploration -result in games that are classified as RPGs,” he told NowGamer, “but my intention is always to make the best possible story-driven games, and for me and my team, the next great design that we’re excited about is what we’re doing with ME3."

He is a RPG designer in the end, but it's not his first goal to make the game a traditional RPG. He just focuses on story, exploration and combat but the end product is still a solid RPG game. The guy made KOTOR for God's sake how can you say that he's not a RPG designer. Oh BTW, hi Cpt_kitten. I was wondering when you'd show up to throw mud at the game again.

krazykombatant2638d ago

I'll throw as much mud at ME2. I don't want to throw the rest of it at this game, because I want it to be just as epic as the first game.

But i'm still saving my breath. I see plenty of action in the game, the new mechanics and what not.

But i still don't see enough RPG elements in the game. For once I would like to say during a mission. FUCK IT!... Joker blow that base with the weapons of the normandy.. JUST ONCE.

Blacktric2638d ago (Edited 2638d ago )

So, according to your definition, a game has to have all kinds of freedom to be considered a RPG? Then to your logic, neither Elder Scrolls or the Witcher games are RPG's. You just want way too much freedom and want to be able to do whatever you want including giving random orders to destroy a base, etc.


You seriously learn to calm the hell down. You're spewing the same crap over and over again ever since you've joined. Calling Borderlands a RPG shows how much you know about the genre to call Mass Effect Gears Of War in space.

krazykombatant2638d ago

I think i didn't make myself clear, I would like to see plenty of skill tree branching, as well as to see my decisions have an impact on what I do. ME2 didn't deliver in the story. Deeper charecters, not really i didn't give a shit about jacob, or jack. I actually found it funny that little problems "ooh my dad just came back from the dead, and my sister..." those things surpass saving the galaxy. This also goes to ashley/kaydan and Liara. They gave you stupid excuses as to why old squad members couldn't join you.

Sure the action was a bit better but personally I had no problem with the action in ME. Too much freedom you say. BioWare just shapes the world around what they want. Idk if my shepard would have killed 150k batarians. But w/e.

And about the normandy there have been multiple instances where you could have used the normandy in game and everyone is like oohhh nooo, we can't do this or you'll bring down a building and kill innocent people. Give me the option not all of the time but its about damn time i use the normandy other than as my way of transportation.

TekoIie2638d ago

The game will still suck on ps3, definitive version my ASS!

Cereal2638d ago

The game will suck regardless of the platform. Bioware's only good (and true) RPG this gen is Dragon Age: Origins. Everything else they've put out has been crap especially the action/adventure Mass Effect games.

tigertron2638d ago

Bugs aside, can you care to elaborate on why the game sucks on the PS3? I'd like to know because I have the PS3 version and I don't think it sucks at all.

Morbius4202638d ago

i only have it on 360 but saying me2 sucks on ps3 is nonsense and you didn't give any facts to state your case.

your trolling attempt=fail.

MWong2638d ago

Honestly ME has always been a shooter w/very strong RPG elements. RPG elements; choices have consequences, pick your dialogue to move the story, your actions unlock additional options. That's fine with me .... it's still a great story and having played both ME & ME2, I can't wait to see Shepards conclusion.

Nac2638d ago

Hudson was the lead on KotOR, nothing bad can be said about him!!!!!!!

Nac2636d ago

Tssk, tssk. KotOR haters...