New Forza 4 Top Gear pics show amazing detail

GB writes : Forza 4 is slated to release this October exclusively for the Xbox 360.

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zeksta2688d ago

Yep, cause we all love Orza 4!

ArcFatalix2688d ago

Yeah man it looks great.

Yi-Long2688d ago

... instead of stuffing a billion polygons in these car-models.

I mean, the cars look great and everything, but I've been playing Forza since the very first one on the original Xbox, and I just want a whole lot of NEW tracks, with stunning scenery, and lots of stuff going on around the tracks, instead of having to race on the same old boring tracks AGAIN.

I'm not a car-enthusiast, so I just care about the racing part, which is why I care less about having thousands of cars, and would rather see them putting that effort in creating a LOT more tracks.

JellyJelly2688d ago

@Yi-Long - Good point. Some new tracks wouldn't hurt.

Also, I won't judge the graphics until I see for myself what it looks like in-game. Both Forza and GT have a history of releasing bullshots. These look like theyve been post-processed quite a bit.

dazreah2688d ago

@ Yi-Long

Why the hell do you need lots going on around the track, you claim all you care about is the racing but are bitching about the lack of stuff happening around the track WTF!!

nix2688d ago

expect the game to come out in 5 dvds this time.

ironwolf2688d ago (Edited 2688d ago )

@ Nix

So what? Load them to the harddrive. You've got plenty of space there.

FanboyPunisher2688d ago

Yi-long is right, we need better tracks so we can avoid GT 5's mistake of having a few good looking areas and then terrible low poly areas of tracks that take all the goodness away.

Dont make the mistake GT5 did.

Yi-Long2688d ago

Like I said, I care about the tracks that I'm racing on to look gorgeous, so they are fun to race on.

No one likes to just race on boring empty stretches of tarmac, do they?

I want to see nice dips, tunnels, buildings, people cheering, vistas, balloons, etc etc. I want to keep discovering new stuff in the background when I'm racing on that same track for the 700th time... so it continues to 'wow' you.

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frostypants2688d ago

Who did you steal pics from THIS time, GamingBolt? You didn't even give them credit.

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Craptain_Steel2688d ago

Is this in game, or just artsy shots to make it look nice?

rezzah2688d ago

Two parts for in game. First, the one they been showing 95% of the time to everyone is the photo mode. It allows the visuals to be greatly detailed because all it focuses on is the car itself.

The next part is the racing mode, if you look carefully in the trailers that actually show it, you will see a reduction of detail in comparison to photo mode.

These shots are from photo mode. Which also allows you to drive the car, but you don't race it. Which is why you see some great shots in motion (just don't mix it up with the actual racing).

Craptain_Steel2688d ago

I noticed that in the e3 trailer, it looks amazing, then theres 1 second of in car actual gameplay and it looks like forza 3 lol.

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The story is too old to be commented.