Hands-on with Hard Reset [BeefJack]

It’s a PC-exclusive shooter with old-school values. Is HARD RESET stuck in the past? In many ways, yes – but as we go hands-on with Flying Wild Hog’s debut, we explain why that could well be an awesome thing.

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Inside_out2661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )


Whens it coming to Xbox 360??? You have to be some sort of lunatic to waste all you time and money on PC when there isn't even 2 PC's the same. That demographic has consistently shown, outside of some RTS or MMO that they rather pirate the game then pay for it.

The Xbox 360 is the perfect demographic for a well made FPS, with the best gaming controller ever made and the 30 million XBL community always ready for another well made FPS, assuming that is what this will turn into.

Be warned tho...if you plan on making this game for the XBL heavy 360, you better come well armed. The means a decent multi-player, co-op and firefight have to be part of the package if you want COD, Gears and Halo numbers.

The PS3 has come a long way and other than the broken controller that ignores the first rule of creating anything and that is " form follows function, not the other way around ", has a good size FPS base that would be interested in this game as well.

Bring it to consoles ( Wii-U as well ) and welcome to gravy train. Just look at Witcher 2 and Metro 2033. This is the norm these days...low budget with big ideas demoed on PC and then picked up for a nice chunk of money for consoles...obviously, the 360 with it's PC friendly architecture is an obvious fit.

Fishy Fingers2661d ago

Sorry, did I click on a console rimming thread?

pr0digyZA2661d ago

Wow, hope your ready for the onslaught.

Letros2661d ago

Buy a PC and you won't have to make long rants like this.

Seafort2661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )

Be quiet.

Its a PC exclusive and its single player only so get over yourself. It won't be coming to consoles any time soon if at all.

PC gamers need as many exclusives as it can get without the consoles stealing all the good games and consolizing them. E.g. crysis, CoD and many more.

I'm sick and tired of console gamers thinking every pc exclusive game will come to their system but it doesnt happen the other way around. Where is Gears 2 and 3 and halo 3, reach etc for the pc?

Piracy is just as bad on xbox360 than it is on pc but developers prefer to bury their heads in the sand about that. I see every xbox release on torrents 1-2 weeks before the official launch but pc releases arent cos of the draconian DRM on most pc games now.

Witcher 2 hasnt even been released on x360 yet as its been delayed till 2012 probably because they are struggling with the limited scope of the consoles architecture as the game requires alot more resources than these current gen consoles have available.
It will probably be on 2 dvds as well cos the install size is over 15gb on pc.

Orpheus2661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )

All the users of N4G know that you own a 360 and you are 12 years old .....

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StayStatic2661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )

hmmm no comments yet , strange , gonna keep my eye on this :D