Slow Sales For The Nintendo 3DS: The 3D Backlash Begins?

So Nintendo were hoping that they’d strike it lucky a third time with the 3DS’ glasses-less 3D-capable screen, and most commentators rather hoped they wouldn’t. And they didn’t. Only 710,000 3DS units were sold in the three months after its release week (when early adopters showed themselves considerably more enthusiastic).

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Rrobba2692d ago

There is an upcoming price-cut...

Cmpunk2692d ago

there's a reason why there is a pricecut the consumer's arn't that stupid to buy a dsi with a 3d attatchment.

i doubt it's 3d everyone love's it and sony are heavily investing in it

Rumb13stiltzkin2692d ago

Calling it a DSi with 3D is irresponsible and ignorant. That's the stigma that has been holding the system back.

Venox20082692d ago

it has better graphics than PSP, how can it be like Dsi?