Annual Battlefield 'would kill the franchise' - DICE

DICE's Patrick Bach has suggested that the team has no plans to release a new Battlefield game next year, saying that releasing a Battlefield game each year "will eventually kill the franchise".

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Rrobba2694d ago

Hear that, Activision?

iamnsuperman2694d ago (Edited 2694d ago )

But what about an annual military shooter from EA.....Just because its under a different name doesn't mean its not the same situation. COD is developed every year by different developers. Expect MOH or a Battlefield (in some form) every year

GrumpyVeteran2694d ago

Actually, I heard last year they would iterate between a MOH and BF game each year. Their opinion may've changed now though.

red2tango2694d ago (Edited 2694d ago )

The annual shooter is perfectly fine. It mixes it up. I play through campaigns all the time so this is great news for me.

At above: The opinion didn't change. 2012 we'll have Medal of Honor. In 2013 we'll probably have BFBC3.

evrfighter2694d ago

Actually with respawn they have the opportunity to have 3 year cycles per franchise. This imo is the sweet spot.

a_squirrel2694d ago

*facepalm* They just started the MOH and BF yearly switch you idiot. DICE worked on MOH for the FIRST TIME. Besides, MOH is more of a COD type shooter (faster paced, kill-streaks) and BF is more of a tactical shooter.

MWong2694d ago

I think GrumyVeteran said it best. I think EA will alternate between BF & MOH since they have 2 shooters. They just need to come out with a new version of BLACK and then it will be the best.

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thematrix12982694d ago

Gamers beg to differ. Take a look at COD sales. Matter of fact the momentum keeps on picking up. I love BF but EA/DICE think they already own COD. lol

aviator1892694d ago

Well, in terms of quality and variety per new game, EA/DICE do own CoD in that regard.

thematrix12982694d ago

Could you tell me how they own COD in variety without being a BF fanboy?

cyguration2694d ago (Edited 2694d ago )

1. Destructible environments

2. Massive playfields to prevent spawn camping

3. Operable vehicles for four or more players

4. Team-based tactics and strategic thinking

5. Physics-based weapon effects

6. Being able to shoot through walls, breakable objects

7. 30+ more players on the PC version of Battlefield games

8. Frostbite 2.0 (enough said)

Do you want me to go on?

Trunkz Jr2694d ago (Edited 2694d ago )

BF2143, BF4, etc - 2 different game futures that could totally work, not 2 modern things like CoD has. Then you got Sci-fi fans on one series, and Modern fans on the other (I prefer modern).

Actually, a 2142 singleplayer sounds fun... plus console players never got to experience 2142 = yay for all gamers.

Besides, DICE said it won't happen:

EA has Medal of honor to fill that gap Oh ho ho ho.

darksied2694d ago

They hear it, but they're laughing at it. CoD games sell more and more, so what do they care? They might start releasing 2 every year.

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beastgamer2694d ago (Edited 2694d ago )

what happen to battlefield bad company 3?

Trunkz Jr2694d ago (Edited 2694d ago )

Who would want Bad Company 3 after BF3? Maybe introduce the BC team into BF4 or somethin.

CrimsonEngage2694d ago

Uhh... me. I love Bad Company and the slapstick humor it brings.

StayStatic2694d ago

Would prefer it to be a DLC campaign for BF3, maybe throw in a few extra maps for multilayer.

That to Activation would be a brand new COD :P

miDnIghtEr2694d ago

Yep, it would kill BF. They can't do what COD does year after year.

BeastlyRig2694d ago (Edited 2694d ago )

I think they could easly put out the same ever year! They could just name it bf4.. To bad Dice cares about having the highest quality product..

Infinity ward actually puts out call of duty ever 2 years.. And the other team will put out black ops 2 next year..

black ops 2 vs MOH next year..

radphil2694d ago

"They can't do what COD does year after year."

Reusing the engine and just changing a small few things? :p

REDGUM2694d ago

Damn right it would. Who want's a piece of sh*% like MW or COD which changes the load out you can carry the release a new game ore 5 more new maps quick release a new game. Well done DICE, take your time and bring out an incredible game every 3-4-5 years instead of a moderated last years version that bCOD games take.

Dart892694d ago

Just release BF3 and then add expansions like vietnam and i'll be satisfied for a very long time.

Who agrees??

Dlacy13g2694d ago

Sorry....Vietnam to me felt like ultimately a disappointment. It feels limited...its handled like a seperate game ... just the whole flow of Vietnam felt like a disjointed experience from BFBC2.

If you make an expansion for the game I bought...I expect it to be an expansion on what I have.

Vietnam would have been better off being made its own complete game...oh wait they did that already. I would have much prefered actual NEW BFBC2 maps with modern weapons/vehicles...

Ser2694d ago

Nah, I liked the idea of bringing in a new era of war through DLC. The experience felt fine to me.

I hope DICE does something like it again for BF3. Perhaps a dinosaur mode of some sort, or a 2142 expansion.

Moragami2694d ago

Hopefully Back to Karkand will change your mind.

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