SSX Isn’t The First Attempt At A Reboot

Todd Batty, creative director on EA’s SSX reboot, has spoken out about the game, and how it’s not the first attempt at getting the classic series back onto the slopes.

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MorbidPorpoise2665d ago

Glad its back, have missed SSX, hope Ninty bring back 1080 at some point too... been 6 years since I bought a snowboarding game :S

Yi-Long2665d ago

"“We’d love to do skis at some point in the future,” Batty admits, “maybe as DLC or in a follow-up version to this one.”"

This kinda stuff always worries me, so I'd prefer it if they'd just bring out a game and then be done with it.

If they want to bring in skis, please just save it for the next game.