Borderlands 2 Officially Announced

2K Games has today announced that the previously rumoured Borderlands 2 is headed to the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC during 2012. Borderlands 2 features all new characters, skills, environments, enemies, weapons and equipment tucked into new and unexplored areas of Pandora.

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Rrobba2663d ago

Great, I loved the original!

Anarki2663d ago

Epic news!!! About damn time!!!

Blacktric2663d ago

And same here. I hope it sells more this time though. It deserved more than 4 million.

Mr Patriot2663d ago

No third person view, meh

NukaCola2663d ago

YES! Borderlands is one of the best games around. I loved the intergration off online too! Art style was awesome, and the gameplay is amazing. Getting this day one. I wonder if your file will carry over, or maybe this game will go a whole new way.

The_Devil_Hunter2663d ago

So you guys really recommend this? I just picked it up last week still havent opened it yet. So im looking forward playing it.

ThanatosDMC2663d ago

Hopefully they add more levels and abilities.

lil Titan2663d ago

hope they keep the same humor like the last one

bayport2663d ago

I hope the next one works out better on PS3.

The PS3 version was plagued with issues. Especially at launch

stevenhiggster2663d ago

+ another one
It's one of my favorite games, loved it so much I have it for the PS3 and the PC!
I had the PS3 version first, but thanks to Steam and their crazy prices, it was cheaper to get the GOTY edition off Steam than buy just the DLC for the PS3 version. A no brainer really.

superadvanced2663d ago

i hope they make it for the vita

badz1492663d ago

I just picked it up on sale on PSN. not far in but love the art style definitely! great that it's getting a sequel!

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Hellsvacancy2663d ago

I didnt, found it to be too much of the same, i was expectin more of a Fallout 3 kinda game (with nicer graphics) still Platinum trophied it though, i didnt hate it, just found it abit.........easy

MysticStrummer2663d ago

You could have read a single preview for Borderlands and known it wasn't much like Fallout 3. Personally I forced myself to finish F3 and had no interest in it's DLC, while Borderlands kept me hooked with it's gameplay and I bought all the DLC. Bring on the sequel.

ThanatosDMC2663d ago

Well, Borderlands is more casual after all with our overpowered guns. My revolver can 1 shot or 2 shot all non-boss enemies in the game.

superrey192663d ago

Play co-op with other people and the enemies become exponentially harder.

ThanatosDMC2663d ago

I play 4-player co-op and it becomes even easier. They have more HP that's true but we have overpowered guns and we're hardcore killers so everything around and above us dies.

paintsville2657d ago

I can't wait. Borderlands was an incredible game on 360, which ended up being the best console version of the game
Borderlands 2 will be freaking awesome too. I can't wait. Oh and getting DLC first on xboxlive is a given. awesome.

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Cmpunk2663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

sorry i didn't like it all it's just not my type of fps style maybe it is for other's but not for me but if the game was succesfull enough to warrant a sequal go for it, you have some great fans following this game.

TBM2663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

Great news loved playing this co-op. Me, my brother, and some friends even started playing it like an MMO power leveling newer characters we would use.

n4gisatroll2662d ago

I wish I could play co-op. Every time I'm online with my ps3, it freezes up my ps3. On my girls it works great. Still trying to get a fix for the online co-op. I'm sad i can't play online, they need to make sure the game isn't as buggy as borderlands is right now :(

J86blum2663d ago

Agee with Rrobba, I loved the original, short and sweet.

showtimefolks2663d ago

i spent over 150hrs into borderlands and its dlc. While it was fun it has a lot of room for improvements.

1. better story
2. better loot
3. better guns and a way to create our own guns
4. more varied missions
5. single player should be fun without co-op
6. improve the driving
7. no loading times
8. bigger world but more varied world
9. better characters upgrades and maybe customizable character
10. NPC's in the area are not just standing around make the world a living breathing place

and keep the graphics style the same while improving upon it

otherwise i can't wait to get my gameinformer issue and can't wait to checkout the game at gamescon and pax

mastiffchild2663d ago

Yeah, I think a lot of gamers who traditionally like their SP would have made the leap to playing a bit more co-op with this one had they made it more appealing as a SP game too. That way you'd get hooked by the world and actively harrass your mates to have a shot or even have a blast with some randoms. I like a bit more of a frame of reference to go with my MP or co-op too and had it not been for a couple of mates who loved it I can easily see me never having stuck with Borderlands after a day or two.

Shame, it would have been, but if they crack SP they have a GREAT game.

HenryFord2662d ago

Also - SplitScreen for PC!!!
I hate that every developer out there just assumes that PC people don't want SS, it is riddicoulus.

CrimsonEngage2663d ago

Wish i could be excited. They promised over 400,000 random weapon varieties before the last game came out and when i played it i only found out that they were the same guns only with different colors and a few different stats.

50Terabytespersec2663d ago

Loser fest , Boring repetitive, game , Ill pass or play it on PC for couple minutes..
Then go back to my real life the outdoors with females and sports and go back to work for a living, and i'm not obese either..))

superrey192663d ago

You want a cookie or something? Lol please stop acting like you're special by generalizing that people who enjoy video games don't also enjoy sports, get women, or have a job, especially on a site like this... it just shows your immaturity.

On topic, I loved the first Borderlands. More populated towns is all it needed.

Shinuz2663d ago

are you insinuating that you're gonna pirate the game then?

PooEgg2663d ago

And yet you seem to find time to pop by a gaming website and act like a troll. Real constructive use of your time.

jke822663d ago

@ devil hunter

the games amazeing the dlc and online multiplayer questing are what make the game...that or coop with a friend when i first got it me and my friend cracked out on it for months....def worth it the replayiblity is insane on this title

zeddy2663d ago

never really liked the game. it just reminded me of fallout 3 and i didnt like that game either.

HenryFord2662d ago

It reminds you of what now? Fallout 3 and Borderlands are completely different... It is okay that you don't like it, but comparing those games to each other doesn't do any of thoses games any justice.

thelostviking2662d ago

the current borderlands sucks.. I hope the newer will be better.

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Urrakia342663d ago

The announcement was imminent. Bring on some more Claptraps!

Shepherd 2142663d ago

Mm, mm, mm, mm, oh come on, oh come on, get down! Im dancin, im dancin!

_Aarix_2662d ago

Wasnt there one where he ran from one side of the screen to the other on fire yelling "oh god, ill never do it again"

Quagmire2663d ago

Damn, I better finish the first off quick then, been sitting in the shelf for months!

schlanz2663d ago

Hell yeah. I hope this is a true sequel and not the same exact game.. there is a lot of room for improvement from the first.

Drekken2663d ago

I hope they get rid of the cel shaded graphics and way less glitches. Very ambitious first outing that is well deserving of a sequel.

fanboys-R-dumb2663d ago

yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeees finally