Miyamoto: Star Fox will be reborn if people buy 3DS remake

Shigeru Miyamoto has admitted that he needs first-time players to pick up Star Fox 64 3D in order for the series to be continue thriving.

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JDW1884d ago

Buy a game I already bought and completed years ago.....just to continue the franchise?

Venox20081884d ago

people from this gen need to show creators that they care about Starfox now.. so if we will, they'll make more..


nyobzoo1884d ago

that's pretty BS right there, just make a new one, it's not like it's the first game in the series anyways

Shackdaddy8361884d ago

It's actually not BS. Nintendo is a company out to get money and if they don't see a desire for a certain franchise anymore from the public then they have no reason to continue.

Tuxedo_Mask1884d ago

Sounds like Nintendo is taking a tip from CAPCOM.