Gamers use Xbox 360 parts to fix Nintendo 3DS

It seems that some gamers are now modifying their Nintendo 3DS hand held devices with Xbox 360 parts to prevent screen scratching.

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SandWitch2511d ago

It's kind of shame for the manufacturer when gamers have to fix the design flaw by themselves.

N4g_null2511d ago

Wow so some 3ds don't have the rubber spacers odd. Mine has them??? That's not a design flaw just poor assembly or gamers taking the bumpers off. I'm sure nintendo will send you some just like how they did with the wii mote thing.

SilentNegotiator2511d ago (Edited 2511d ago )

"I'm sure nintendo will send you some just like how they did with the wii mote thing"

"as Nintendo refuse to take responsibility for the problem and recommend using a piece of plastic or cloth placed between the two screens instead"

The More You Know <★
Come on, now. Read the first few sentences of the article at least.

Good to know that this doesn't affect the warranty. Because it shouldn't.

bayport2510d ago

Lol. The designers over at nintendo must be going "D'OH" *facepalm*

Something as simple as adding a little rubber foot haha.

hazelamy2510d ago

i thought the problem was they did have them but they weren't thick enough on some of the machines.

N4g_null2510d ago

Oh so the problem isn't the spacers? Really I'm not going to that site man lol. I have a 3ds right here. Hmm so the problem is coins getting stuck in-between well I always carry my 3ds in a pocket with out stuff like that since I did own the clam shell ds and gameboys. Your best bet would be an after market sleeve maybe or try putting stuff like that in the other pocket maybe?

matey2510d ago

i have rubber spacers and my 3DS doesnt scratch my Microsoft phone does every time i look at it joke but when i slide it in and out my pocket it scratches my 3DS is imune to scratches and im very happy with it the screen is crisper than Vitas but you will need to wait 4 Tekken and certain games before really seing this 3DS has 231ppi/Vita has 220ppi i think the only thing with 3DS is when u close it and hold it ie put abit of pressure on it u get an outline of the circle pad on the upper screen but it wipesaway very easily

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subtenko2510d ago

wow the 3ds just isnt catching a break :/ wonder how the WiiU will do.

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RaidensRising2511d ago

I have a black 3DS and used the feet from my Xbox 360 Elite (other ones are grey). Works a treat.

RaidensRising2511d ago

Whoever disagreed is either a twit or hasn't tried it. It does work. Here's a pic of mine I just took.

seinfan2510d ago

I do not have permission to view that attachment.

MmaFan-Qc2510d ago

simple and cheap screen protectors work too.

.....bunch of morons.

gamingdroid2510d ago (Edited 2510d ago )

Xbox 360 only does everything!

... including fixing your 3DS.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI2511d ago

I don't think something like this should ever be necessary.

Arthas2511d ago ShowReplies(2)
ndl15312511d ago

dang i need some mine already has a small scratch maybe a screen protector asap also dam

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The story is too old to be commented.