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Rrobba2687d ago

NO. I wanted one for Christmas!

JoGam2687d ago

I do too however if delaying will prevent mishaps on the Vita hardware or the launch games are not ready then I guess the delay is ok.

DaTruth2687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )

It's not a delay. Tretton said it will release in all regions by the end of "SONY"S" 2011 forth quarter, which is March 2012.

It seems like it would be logical to get it to those who have a huge buying season around that time! Seeing as how their are very few Japanese Christians and fewer Japanese Jews, they should really bring it to NA/EU for that time!

But they will probably sell out the first few waves either way so whatever!

xAlmostPro2687d ago

Pretty sure there was never an EU 2011 release set in stone anyway..

Sevir042687d ago All Hardware expected to ship to retailers must be finalized and ran through US certification board 2months prior to retail shipping, that certification board is the FCC, and today at about 8a Sony foster city and FCC cleared the PSV as ready for us market.... Read the link get educated become informed

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pedrami912687d ago

Not really, i believe there are way more expecting the dates and full spec blowout at TGS.

skyward2687d ago

For Japan maybe - but the West is where these things are made or broken. Look at the Wii U announcement.

Still, it'll probably launch in JP first.

Lucreto2687d ago

Gamescom is a good time to announce a release date as if it is November or late October which is the rumour that should be the latest as most release are hyped in advanced.

TGS would be perfect for the Japanese market as they don't hyped the hardware as much as in the US.

jujubee882687d ago

Also, if the source is a retailer that pretty much makes this rumor as valid as the speculative launch dates of any other retailer to date.

Nowgamer, you dirty stinking slut.

Chaostar2687d ago

How can something without an official release date be delayed?

MaximusPrime2687d ago

"delayed"? I dont recall Sony giving an official date yet.

TimmyShire2687d ago

Not an official date, no, but they did say they were planning on releasing for 'Holiday 2011'.

Damn shame though, I wanted me one of those for Christmas!

SuperStrokey11232687d ago

THey said 1 territory (obviously japan), not everywhere. They were very clear about this.

sarshelyam2687d ago

You're right...they did, but it was a guy in a suit who could be speaking to the Fiscal holiday, which does indeed dip into 2012...all the way to the end of February actually.

Sevir042687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )

The playstation vita just cleared the FCC this morning, and thats the final step before any electronic device gets shipped to retailers in the North American Territory. read it and get happy! Sony promised at least one territory for this fall. If it clears the FCC in August the earliest release is October, you can bet they'll announce the release date at gamescon in Germany next month

TimmyShire2686d ago

Erm, Sevir04 - that Engadget story - that mentions the FCC clearing this morning - even states 'It's not coming out in US and EU until 2012'.

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