PS Vita “will have a hard time, may be too late” – Crytek

Crytek’s Cevat Yerli “loves” Sony as a company but he fears for the future of their upcoming PlayStation Vita handheld in a world changed by smartphones and tablets – and he believes those platforms are also replacing the PC.


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Pacman3212691d ago

He is right about the "next generation mobiles and all the tablets" being hard competition for the Vita, but i think the Vita is aimed more at hardcore gamers rather than casual gamers. Especially with Vita's very affordable price, if Sony continually support Vita, i can see it being very very big.

Ranshak2691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

Dont forget unfortunately its the casuals that are the masses. These days even hardcore games get dumbed down just to cater to a wider audience. Call it developer greed.

Casuals dont really care about buttons or having analog sticks, they just want to game for those odd 15mins then again get back to what they were doing.

Smartphones will definetly be owned by alot mroe people then the Vita or 3DS. If a good bunch of people buy gmaes on those platforms you can fully expect developers to shift focus.

jony_dols2691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

Call of Dutys, Uncharteds & FIFA's also appeal to the masses.

Sony aren't aiming to sell to pregnant women who sit on buses playing angry birds on their Iphones.

They're aiming for the 60+ million 360 users, the 55+ million PS3 users, the Nintendo fans who don't think the 3DS is worth their money & the millions of PC gamers who enjoy proper gaming on the go.

I'm buying a Vita, my mates are buying Vitas & from all the positive feedback I've seen on the internet, a lot of other people are buying Vitas too.

Touchscreen only gaming is extremely limited, and gets boring, fast. Smartphones batteries are bad enough as it is. Anyway who wants to drain their phone battery on long trips, playing 'shovelapps'.

dc12691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

You are very close to touching the main vain on this. Unfortunately, the developers perspective is shaped by potential sells derived from a demographic that would have never bought the Vita or associated games. His (developer) logic is flawed. Keep in mind; it is very likely that the large majority of adult gamers have Smart Phones as well. I personally do not intend to stop use my Psp, DSI and soon to had, vita in favor for an unresponsive touch screen device that's better equipped to play Angry Birds or Cut the Rope. ...yeah the games may be fun foe me andmy 4 year old,.... their just not gaming.

I sent this from forgive any typos.

pain777pas2691d ago

Jony_dols has a brain. You have to understand this is hardware that will cater to you and I. Lets support it.


samsung galaxy s2 is a beast of a phone..when quad core phones arrive within a year-two years handhelds an pcs are in serious trouble

gamingdroid2691d ago

I think Sony would like this to appeal to casuals as well, but they won't buy a $250 system and then pay $30-50 a game. The thing with "you and I" i.e. core gamers are the fact that they are a shrinking.

In the past you had casuals and borderline core gamers supporting the industry, now they moved onto mobiles and tables. What you are left with is the extreme core gamers, and there aren't many of them to support the PS Vita and the 3DS. Yes, core gamers do buy 3DS....

From a cost/value perspective, the PS Vita at $250 is pretty darn good price. Compare that to the PSP Go and it is a steal with what appears to be proper support this time around.

jony_dols2691d ago


It is only in recent months that smartphone games have eclipsed the visuals of the God of War games on the psp.
And yet technicaly Smartphones specs have dwarfed the old PSP (circa 2004) hardware for the past few years.

There is no point having quad core processors in phones for gaming purposes, if you don't have developers optimising games to take full potential of the hardware.

miyamoto2690d ago

3G/4G/WiFi Smartphone or Tablet = $400 - $600

3G/WiFi PS Vita = $300

Mobile phone with voice & text plan $0 - $50

3G/WiFi PS Vita = $300
Mobile phone with voice & text plan $0 - $50


You get a full pledge Android gaming device with 5" OLED screen Quad Core Processor by Samsung and a phone with unlimitad calls & text messaging for half the price of a smartphone or tablet.

If one breaks down you still have the other.

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Cmpunk2691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

im sick of crytek seriously all they do is troll all day WHILE YOU HAVE A TIMESPLITTERS IP> yet your not making it? somebody buy the ip from them before the game turns into.. well a crytek gameg

LadyGaga2691d ago

The handheld market has never been successful based of off the hardcore market alone. If casual gamers don't buy the 3DS/Vita, they will fail.

joeorc2691d ago

"Crytek’s Cevat Yerli “loves” Sony as a company but he fears for the future of their upcoming PlayStation Vita handheld in a world changed by smartphones and tablets – and he believes those platforms are also replacing the PC."


"“The Vita is an absolutely fantastic platform but it will have a hard time, and it might be too late,” Yerli claims. “I love Sony as a company, and we have great relations with them, but the Vita is going to have a hard time against the next generation mobiles and all the tablets.”"

that's a great point..If only Sony had not only a development platform that not only works on smartphone's an Tablets, but also Has an application API stack that can be added to any of those very same Smartphones an tablet's after shipping an can along with allowing the PSVita to have those very same applications an Games...?



Playstation suite ring a bell?, Have you been paying attention or are you just looking to ignore that very platform, that can be running on not just Sony only platforms but any Smartphone an Tablet manuf. that wants it.

More FUD about the market Viability of Sony's PSVita..being spread over the internet for Hits Oh' i think so.

Tachyon_Nova2691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

Yeah, I love the 10 games currently available for it, really good effort from Sony there.

joeorc2691d ago

that's not released to other devices hooray for jumping the gun there sparky

Fishy Fingers2691d ago

Beefjack... With their finger on the pulse as usual.

Troll-without-Bridge2691d ago

Mobiles and tablets are their own market. Crytek is once again clueless.

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