101 gadgets that changed the world

The list includes:

4. Atari 2600, 1977

The gaming industry today is worth $30bn (£15bn) and new titles are released to more fanfare (and fervour among legions of gaming nuts) than the biggest Hollywood blockbusters (see Big Game Hunters, p37). Not so in the 1970s, when consoles were hard-wired to play one or two crude games such as Pong. Atari changed that with the 2600, the first console to take an unlimited number of games cartridges. The 1978 release of Space Invaders sent sluggish early sales skywards, heralding the age of the Wii, the PS3 and the Xbox 360.

56. Nintendo Gameboy, 1989

On its release in the late 1980s, the Gameboy was surely the most coveted piece of kit in the playground, but dig one out of the attic today and its two-tone grey face and titchy screen give few clues to its extraordinary success. Many companies would try to better it but none could come close to toppling the Gameboy, and its stable of killer games, including Tetris and Super Mario Land, as the best-selling gaming system of all time (worldwide sales reached well over 100m).

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paul_war4058d ago

I especially like the way 'Fire' only came in at number 31!

TheExodus4058d ago

Hopefully the author didn't arrange them in order of importance, but the automobile & refrigerator didn't even make the list while the Blackberry did. 101 gadgets that changed the world, but most not so much.

InMyOpinion4058d ago (Edited 4058d ago )

Where is penicillin(antibiotics)? Fckn stupid list.

DarkSniper4058d ago

Playstation Three is shaping up to be the number one industry changing gadget for this century and the next. With it's vast and numerous features there is no argument that Sony has built a fine machine that shows it's superiority over any and all competition to date.