id: 'Sometimes our fans drive us nuts'

"Everyone wants the kitchen sink and everything else too," says RAGE dev

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swiftshot932638d ago

Im kind of less excited for RAGE that I thought I would be. Meh.

Septic2638d ago

We sometimes feel like we are owed something when, in actual fact, we aren't.

We are very spoilt at times but maybe, that un-quenchable thirst of ours to always have more and more is what drives the industry forward.

Cpt_kitten2638d ago

haha so true, ID all you need is your name on the box and its an automatic buy for me

BlitzAK2638d ago

To be honest, id's FPS are possibly the best and are on par with valves, they just need to live up to what made there earlier games great. And not hand down there franchises to others. Look at Quake 4.

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