Tomb Raider will only use QTE's to deliver an intense and cinematic experience but won't be overused

DSOGaming writes: "Let’s be honest, even though Tomb Raider was one of the best games at Microsoft’s Conference in this year’s E3, those damn quick-time events worried us. Yeah, they added to the atmosphere but we want to play a game and not watch a movie. Was the game following Heavy Rain’s example? Apparently not, as Noah Hughes, creative director, stated that Tomb Raider won’t rely much on QTE’s."

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Rrobba2690d ago

Damn, I was hoping for more dynamic cinematic's like Uncharted 2 has.

Chaostar2690d ago

Me too, Naughty Dog got it just right. Scenes like running across collapsing canopies while under fire from a helicopter are fully player controlled. I'm sceptical that Squeenix can capture that same magic.

evrfighter2690d ago

Hopefully it wont be like gow3 where boss fights are boring

JsonHenry2690d ago

Same here about the Uncharted cinematic stuff. If you know what gamers generally think of as the best in game cinematic/movie like portrayal of a story is then why wouldn't you mimic it?

I hate QTEs in general. Just show me the cinematics instead of making me miss what is going on screen to watch for which button to press since I am not "really" playing the game at the time anyway.

Cereal2690d ago

This Tomb Raider will be mediocre like all of the rest. Also, lol @ the "magic vision" that helps you solve puzzles now. It's even more casual than it was before.

Morbius4202690d ago

gaming is going to hell. i think the casuals have been playing so long now that developers don't have to dumb down games anymore to appease them.

with time and practice the casuals will convert to hardcore.

Inside_out2690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

I thought demo was fantastic and great departure from the cut scene heavy Uncharted way of telling a story. The difference was night and day.

The Tomb Raider demo was a much needed throw back to a game like Resident Evil 4 when RTE's were a diversion to the game play and IMO, no game has ever had such a wide range of RTE's as Resident Evil 4 along with puzzles, fantastic combat/shooting and story all rolled up into one. The cut scenes in RE 4 were in tune with what was happening in the game didn't take the place of game play.

There have been other games this gen like Deadspace 1 and Bioshock 1 that were ingenious in the way they combined the game play and in game actions with out forcing you to see some dumb 3-5 minute " simulation " as ND calls them in Uncharted.

Tomb Raider is bringing back the PROPER way of adding RTE's to COMPLIMENT the game play and not take it's place like the cut scene heavy PS3 exclusives that have flooded the market. The Tomb Raider demo was cut down from 15 minutes and the dev has said the combat is not going to be revealed till closer to launch...good idea.

Cut scenes are ruining gaming. If I want to watch a movie, I'll watch a movie. Cut scenes have become the norm because of casual gamers who complain game play is too darn hard...O_o...any decent platforming game has a double click jump or why bother. :/

Look what is happening to Gears of war 3...Epic is bending over backwards to accommodate the whiners that think video games should look like a movie with 90 minutes of cut scenes...O_o...on top of trying to make the game noob friendly for the casuals that want to chainsaw an opponent in half. :o

Morbius4202690d ago

wasn't the first mgs on ps1 heavy with cutscenes but hardcore with gameplay?

my how times have changed.

Inzo2690d ago

When it comes to using QTE's correctly Santa Monica studio is king, GOW3 had the correct formula.

Morbius4202690d ago

they were used correctly in the first shenmue i think.