Bioshock lacked "challenge variety", Infinite will "push the player"

OXM UK: New Bioshock makes range, speed, etc more "meaningful".

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firemassacre2689d ago

i cannot wait for this game, im also pretty interested how the vitas development is going.

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dirigiblebill2689d ago

The one-two punch. Remember, the one-two punch!

Perjoss2689d ago

I'll wrap you in a sheet...

InNomeDiDio2689d ago

Bioshock one was great, second one was ok. But the third seems to be right with the amazing Bioshock 1.

Perjoss2689d ago

playing through bioshock 2 the last few evenings, for some reason never got round to finishing it when it came out. I just love the gameplay, all the scrounging around for ammo and cash. Filming enemies for research, and all the crazy combos you can do with plasmids, traps and weapons. At least for now though I think I still prefer the first game overall, lets see how I feel when I finish 2.

Venjense2689d ago

Bioshock 1 was incredible.

Bioshock 2 was good but been there done that - the magic was gone.

Bioshock Infinte is my most anticipated game in the last 2 years.