Second hand sales are not killing anything

Play-mag: "Second hand sales are not killing the industry. Second hand sales do not kill the industry. Second hand sales will not kill the industry. So please stop repeating when you’re told second hand sales kill the industry."

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wallis2662d ago ShowReplies(3)
hesido2662d ago

Strange enough, COD4, 5, 6 didn't employ any sorf of online pass, yet they could still fight their way up to top ten charts more than a year after their initial release.

I don't really dig this Online Pass system, although I buy my games new 95% of the time.

cyclonus0072662d ago

Activision does not suffer from used CoD game sales. Why? Because enough people buy the game new. Those millions that buy the game bought it in a store (or online).

The companies that need every sale they can get are small developers whose next game may be their last if it underperforms.

I buy my games new too and if there is a game I don't want to pay $60 for, I'll wait until the price goes down.

dragonyght2662d ago

"When I buy a car, I can drive it, crash it, use it as a table or sell it to another person. It's MY damn car."

lol i'm pretty sure nobody will buy a car from you after you crash or use it as a table

on serious note

your car logic is flaw heres why:
common practice in gaming retail when game come out it retail at $60 someone buy it beat it and resell at $20
than retail slap a $55 price on it next to the new copies
and every costumer that come to buy then game is recommend to buy the used one that a sell lost to publisher and more profit to the retailers

that doesn't happen with cars i mean you don't buy a car resell it at half the price to the dealer so they can sell back at 5% off next to the brand new cars it doesn't happen
so you cant compere used car to used games sell

Hicken2661d ago

No. In car sales, they add in crazy percentages, they "pay off your trade no matter how much you owe!" and other such things.

If you bought a brand new car and paid for it in full when you drove it off the lot, you would get nowhere near that value for it when you traded it in for a new model. And, at that point, that car is the property of the dealership, so they can sell it for whatever price they want, even just about 10% less than the brand new one.