PSN Update: Uncharted Demo


United States/Canada

-Uncharted demo
-MotorStorm version 3.0
-MotorStorm DLC - Devil's Weekend - $5.99


United Kingdom:

-Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection Online
-MotorStorm DLC - Devil's Weekend



-Dark Mist - 800 yen

-Heavenly Sword - Anime Series part 4



-Burnout Paradise - December
-Hot Shots Golf 5 - December
-RAW vs. Smackdown - was supposed to come on October 18th

PSN Games:
Released in the US and still to come for Europe:
-Blast Factor: Advanced Research (November)
-Riff: Everyday Shooter (December)
-Piyotama (December)
-Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix (no date)
-PS Eye - Aqua Vita
-PS Eye - Mesmerize: Distort
-PS Eye - Mesmerize: Trace
-PS Eye - Operation Creature Feature
-PS Eye - Tori Emaki
-PS Eye - Trials of Topoq
-Snake Ball
-Toy Home
-Dark Mist
-Gran Turismo 5: Prologue - JPN (2008 in NA/Europe)
-High Velocity Bowling
-Rocketman: Axis of Evil
Others scheduled for 2007
-Commando 3
-Soldner X

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arma4054d ago

Specially when you post things a week ago saying Unchartered demo this week on PSN but don't bother stating country grrrr

mighty_douche4054d ago

create an American Account, it takes 2 minutes.

cant believe people still moan about this...

riqued4054d ago

At least you have a store in your country!

CRIMS0N_W0LF4053d ago

Don't complain.

I Live i Malta. We have no PS Store. The Sony supplier told me to make UK Account and when I asked if they banned me will I get replacement I was told NO.

I can't even buy NGS Weapon Master and Speed Master and mini PS Eye games like Aqua Vita

xhi44053d ago

im from Australia so I just have an american account as well, uncharted demo is gonna be off the hizayy haha

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jtmill074054d ago

I can not wait to play the Uncharted demo

TheGamer4053d ago

Did you mean DITTO :)

Cant wait.

emaddox844053d ago

Haha, whoooops. And I'm a college grad... :/

lonestarmt4054d ago

man I'm happy for this game. IT deserves to be a system seller, but i think it won't turn out to be.. sniff sniff

Glad to see the PSN is finally having at least one demo a week in the US ( sorry UK) In the summer I got tired of the updates only being four movie trailers. lol.

Ashta4054d ago

Shame on me...I had forgotten that the Uncharted Demo hit the store today. I'll have to get it when I get's to hoping that it doesn't suck! Although, I will have to say that all preview talk had been positive thus far.

VaeVictus4054d ago

to set up multiple accounts for different regions. I d/l demos from other regions all of the time. EU got the Darkness b4 the U.S., I just went to my EU account and downloaded it from there. Folklore came out in demo form on the Japanese PSN, I went to the Japanese PSn and d/l'd the demo. It's not hard. I don't get the complaints about why one area gets better or more demos than the other. There are easy ways around the regional d/l's.

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The story is too old to be commented.