Pocket Gamer review: The new GP2X-F200

GamePark Holdings' shiny new GP2X F-200 console is a revision of the cult classic F100. This updated edition showcases a new eight-way D-pad, touchscreen support and a tasteful pearl white exterior.

Looking at the list of improved specifications, you might expect the touchscreen to be the most significant addition, but GP2X fans are making a lot more noise about the new D-pad. It could be argued that the stick found on the F100 was the only thing that let the system down – it had a massive 'dead zone' and was disappointingly unresponsive as a result.

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iilluminate4052d ago (Edited 4052d ago )

The idea is interesting and at first I enjoyed the GP2X. But unless you're happy only playing retro games illegally there's no point in getting it. Music playback is pointless because of the poor battery life and it was too underpowered to handle high quality Xvid without lowering the filesize (Xvid support is a great addition but useless as few people have the time to re-encode their videos).

Why the new version has AA batteries is beyond me. It is the most annoying thing having to try and get them out of the machine after a few hours of play. I bought high quality rechargables and a charger and it still runs out of battery far too quickly.

The other issue I have with the GP2X is they promised new games but the only main one was Payback which is the biggest GTA ripoff I've ever played. It was clearly a one man bedroom effort and although it's an achievement for what it is there was no ambition to add anything GTA didn't already do.

I'm still really surprised they've not ran into more problems regarding the emulator legality.