Go! Sports Skydiving spotted in holiday PSN release list

SCEA has just announced their holiday line-up of PSN games, and although many are already available on the Store, there are a few surprises to be found. Firstly, a new game: Go! Sports Skydiving. As you may remember, PS3Fanboy loved Go! Sports Ski, so they can't wait for that one. Also, the fl0w expansion pack is confirmed for later this year, as are a number of other PSN releases. Check it out:

* High Velocity Bowling(TM)
* Everyday Shooter
* Go! Sports Ski(TM)
* Go! Sports Skydiving(TM)
* Mesmerize
* Trials of Topoq
* MotorStorm(TM) Christmas Livery
* Toy Home(TM)
* Twisted Metal(TM) 2 (PS One)
* MotorStorm(TM) Premium Pack 2
* Resistance: Fall of Man(TM): Map Pack 2
* Operation Creature Feature(TM)
* Aquatopia
* Snakeball(TM)
* flOw Download Pack
* MotorStorm(TM) Vehicle and Livery Pack
* PixelJunk(TM) Monsters
* Folklore(TM) Download Packs 1 and 2

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