Brink: Agents of Change DLC Available Today

The DLC Agents of Change for Brink is available today.

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ZBlacktt2517d ago

Maybe because the game itself is really that bad. I've been playing this over the last few days. Just a very low end wannbe Borderlands looking game.

Ducky2517d ago (Edited 2517d ago )

... 'Wannabe borderlands'?

There's nothing similar between Brink and Borderlands aside from being FPS' (and beginning with the letter 'B').

PandaJenkins2517d ago

Lol comparing Brink to borderlands? are you serious?

ZBlacktt2514d ago

In looks, I was meaning. Can't say the people don't look like they came off Borderlands. Either way, Brink freakin sucks hardcore. Just wow bad.