Archaeologists Now Use Kinect to Build 3-D Models During Digs

University of California, San Diego students will be going to Jordan soon to take part in an archaeological dig that's decidely futuristic: As they uncover artifacts and structures in the soil, they'll be using high-quality 3-D scanning to record accurate positional details—rich data that could be incredibly useful in the future.

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Cpt_kitten2691d ago

interesting and cool

xbox find fossils?

devilhunterx2691d ago

yea, but can you play games with it?

andrewsqual2691d ago

Hopefully they find a Skateboard in the ground because that's the only 3D thing that Kinect can scan apparently.

RankFTW2691d ago

Wow this sounds like an awesome Kinect game, thanks Microsoft for this great piece of hardware and all the spectacular games like this one.