GTA IV Steam iCEnhancer Mod Guide writes: So you've seen the amazing videos of Grand Theft Auto IV running the ICEnhancer mod and you want your Steam version to look the same. Unfortunately it's not as easy as copy and paste, however we've got you covered. Join us on our video tutorial which will guide you through downgrading your installation, enabling mods and finally making the game look better than ever.

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RedDead20672695d ago


I have the Steam version, and don't usually bother with Mods, but with a step-by-step, I'll try it.

hellerphant2695d ago

Glad that this guide helped you out. Let me know if you encounter any issues as I have some bug fixes for common problems also :D

TABSF2695d ago

Followed the guide, no joy

Got it working myself before, just with issues in the cutsceens.

Only reason why its so fu(ked is because of Games for Windows Failed, without this mod would work instantly with no messing around.
Love Valve's approach on Steam, just a cut and paste in the mod folder.