The crystal ball prediction of next gen

CakeandGames Write:

"(The crystal ball prediction of next gen Well I'm not analyst or anything. But i have been playing games for a very long time. So therefore I will give my probably wrong prediction to you. So you can laugh and make fun of me, and maybe flame me.
But here it goes!) "

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fluffydelusions2689d ago

I wonder if PS4 will use DirectX or stick with openGL. I know DX is MS's but with DX11 MS may have a graphical advantage.

cstyle2689d ago

No doubt MS will have the graphical edge next time. And, if they decide to put a version of windows inside the next xbox, its gonna be tough for sony to compete with that. Imagine being able to play xbox games and PC games on the next gen xbox.

fluffydelusions2689d ago

Interesting idea though I don't see windows being incorporated into the next xbox. I know windows 8 will have XBL integrated like WP7 though. The fall update will bring that metro look in WP7 and Windows 8 to the dashboard too so that will be interesting.

chad22hkd2689d ago

Wow if the next x box had windows support, that would be amazing. But i do think that would make the pirating so bad on that.

Sharty_Pants2689d ago

windows on xbox? that sounds......AWESOME! man i want that now,

kreate2689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

ya and with Sony supporting MS and helping MS sell more windows i am sure, MS will dominate.

"Sony recommends windows 7"

wonder when MS will return the favor and recommend one of Sony's product o_0;;

oh gosh what the hell am i saying! nvmd my post ....

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BrianG2689d ago

It's possible they could go with DX11. Even thought the companies compete I doubt MS would have a problem with that.

But even this Gen DX and OpenGL seem to be on par. Hard to argue that DX is better when I look at God of War. Don't get me wrong, I know DX is good, it is more or less the hardware keeping it from full potential. But games like God of War convince me OpenGl can hold it's own.

qwertyz2687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )

MS WILL allow sony use directx11 if sony asks which they probably will because directx is now far superior to open gl(john carmack from ID said this HIMSELF). They work together outside the console business don't you all know that. All sony needs to do is ask. MS will obviously use blu-ray next generation though all they need do is get a license form the blu-ray association which consists of sony, pioneer, samsung and other companies

the nextbox would probably have an API more advanced than directx11 anyway just like the 360s API is more like directx 9.75(as opposed to regular directx 9.0c pcs utilized at the time) because it has full multicore , unified shader architecture, memexport and multiple pass tessellation support(although not NEARLY as powerful as directx 11 single pass tessellation) which are all directx 10 features.

nextbox will probably run windows 8 anyways so the console will pretty much have some pc functionality like applications etc but will still have fixed hardware as opposed to upgradable hardware that pcs have.

MS will probably continue to pay epic for Gears of war exclusivity the IP is just too important to let go.

BabyTownFrolics2689d ago

my next gen prediction

fanboys will be even more annoying than they are now, and n4g will cater to them even more than it does now

Jejojaja2689d ago

If neither the nextbor or ps4 improves on anything besides graphics and tech, it's going to be a war of exclusive games.

maye2689d ago

i dont see myself ever having a nice house or appartment just living in a shoe box with loads of game consoles

awesome predictions by the way

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