Let Them (EA)t Cake, Why EA Sports is a Slum Lord.

Joe writes, "A princess once said “Let them eat cake!” upon learning that the peasants had no bread. Many believe the quote reflected the princess’s obliviousness to the condition of the people. Others feel it was spiteful comment, as if the selfish upper-class princess wanted them to eat the soot caked to the barren walls of their ovens...." ?(cont)

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Raven_Nomad2695d ago

EA is without a doubt the worst plague in the video game market today. They are well on their way to destroying great franchises like Mass Effect and Dragon Age, and they love to cram crap down our throats like Army Of One (Who's ready for Army Of One 3?)

They come out with online passes for everything, then some ridicules "season pass" that allows you to download a game 3 day's in advance until you get the actual physical copy....They bought the NFL license which means no competition.....thank god they cant get the license for Modern Warfare or FPS games, because I'm sure they would try to.

EA Sports "Get the F*** out of my building"

Ducky2694d ago (Edited 2694d ago )

.. don't you mean Army of Two?

Also, sports leagues have licenses, hence why they bought NFL's.
FPS games do not have licenses... and a ModernWarfare license doesn't make much sense either.

Cpt_kitten2695d ago

every company is scummy, but at least EA dose not put out the say game every year with little to no changes and no upgrades to the graphics and call it new s well as all such things as shoot hundreds of civilians and claim its perfectly okay to partake in such there better than activision

Inside_out2694d ago (Edited 2694d ago )

Wow...EA on a role. To be fair, the NCAA stuff is a modern day version of slavery that EA is not responsible for but feels a need to join in on the abuse...EA-it's business as usual. whats that, someone will be hurt or suffer hardships...who cares. We only made 200 million dollars in profit last quarter...get a job will ya.

I was following the article, had a tear in my eye and then BAM...

" Who cares about Cam Newtons dad accepting blowjobs from college recruiters? "...

Now, I can't concentrate and think I should be a football player maybe the father of one. :o

KingZFlipper2694d ago

do you smoke something before you come to the N4G site?