Kudo Tsunoda on Kinect

Edge writes: Since its release, Kinect has been threatening to make good on its promise to shake up the way we play. But aside from a couple of standout titles, the games available have yet to fully embrace the devices full body tracking potential. We caught up with Kudo Tsunoda, creative director of Microsoft and Xbox 360 Kinect, to discuss what the company has learned since Kinect's release, what he thinks does and doesn't work on the device and where what we can expect from it in the future.

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CrzyFooL2691d ago

I can't stand Kudo. Hey bro, you represent one of the biggest technology companies in the world, how bout you take your sunglasses off indoors and take a shower while you're at it

beast242tru2691d ago

i dnt understand how microsoft hired a krack head for public appearance

mcstorm2691d ago

Nice interview. So far what Ive seen with Kinect ive liked. I know alot of people on here hate Kinect but what we use it for it works better than the Move and Wii. Plus its opened MS's door to all gamers not just the core which was needed for MS to take on Sony and Nintendo.

I do feel we are only just seeing a little bit of what this device is able to do and we wont see its true power until the next xbox and windows 8 release.

To me MS were a company who were not really doing anything new they were just sticking to the same OS Phone and consoles but over the last few years with the 360 evolving Windows Phone 7 and now Windows 8 MS are starting to get back to doing what they were all about and the reason why they were the richest software company in the world.

I look forward to the next 5 years from MS as I think it will be a very big one for them.

ironwolf2691d ago

I think I'll go pick up a Slim with Kinect this week.