Top 10 Minigames That Derailed The Actual Game

Minigames are a great addition to big title video games; they keep you playing, but you get a little break from the action and rack up some major rewards. Or you can decide the world can save itself and keep playing the minigame.

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RonaldRaygun2606d ago (Edited 2606d ago )

No Final Fantasy minigames in the list? You could almost make a top 10 list just FF games alone.

WhiteLightning2606d ago

I was just going to say this

Triple Triad was amazing and addictive, plus you had the Card Queen and the CC group quest

banjadude2606d ago (Edited 2606d ago )

I agree with brudda! I don't think I ever won a single blitz ball match (besides the story related one, which was pure luck).

C_Menz2606d ago

Blitzball was awesome, and also as mentioned already the TT game was enjoyable as well.

ITLoo2606d ago

Sorry folks! I can't save Hyrule until I catch this fish!

Ducky2606d ago

JustCause2's blowing stuff up > Saboteurs blowing stuff up

GTA series also has some derailing side-stuff.

banjadude2606d ago

Oh God, I remember blowing up all those white targets in The Saboteur... never doing THAT again! lol

banjadude2606d ago (Edited 2606d ago )

Yeah... some mini-games ruined my [overall] experience in certain Final Fantasies, especially ones that were absolutely required to get a weapon, armor, or item that is needed for such items. *RAGE*

DrRichtofen2606d ago

Duke Nukem should be on this list lol.

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