The FPS genre has never had more vitality

Titles such as BioShock and Halo3 show that developers are coming up with new takes on the classic shooter game genre

Know anything about the first-person shooter? Chances are you do, and you've heard of at least one. They're the linchpin of most competitive online play, they act as showcases for the latest visual technology and they have also inspired substantial criticism for being "murder simulators".

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Rikitatsu4057d ago

obviously all who are praising Halo 3 had never played PC games like counter strike and battlefield 2 , Halo didn't Do anything revolutionary

JsonHenry4056d ago

Whatever it is that makes Halo so great - has been done since the late 1990s on computers over and over again. It has brought NOTHING new to the table. NOTHING.

I have said it a hundred times, and I will say it again - I have been playing better games, with more features, better matchmaking, and better graphics than the Halo series for YEARS on my PC.

I wish computers were cheaper so that the average console only guy could see what it is that he is missing.

Marceles4056d ago

Halo just proved that you can still make a good FPS on a console since nothing could really top Goldeneye at the time. But anyone who's really into hardcore PC FPSs can agree that Halo wasn't really groundbreaking in the genre, but it was special for gamers who didn't play PC games that much and liked using the controller better. But the hype the game received is still madness...

Guardian0fPeace4057d ago

Nothing against xbox, (I own a 360 and love it) but I seriously found nothing special in Halo. Gears of War is my all time favorite. Though KZ2 is looking like it may raise the standard of what fps's ought to be, looks insane!


yeah killzone 2s graphics are a true NEXT GEN, nothing the same about them

Guardian0fPeace4057d ago (Edited 4057d ago )

But the physics are definately better...I just wish I wouldn't have to wait 1.5 years or so to get a ps3. Though if my business does really well, who knows, maybe the wait time will be less, but I won't be gettin it till I have the money to go full-out and get the ps3+3xtra controllers, KZ2 and maybe Haze or whatever other awesome multiplayer party-ready game is out by then...but when that day comes, I'm throwin a party (I do that for every system). Back in the good ol' days when several of my best friends and I had ps2 and n64, during major parties we'd play on one system for like 2-3hrs, then switch to the other system, and laugh at each other as we try to re-adjust to the other controller asap and make the first killz. It was flippin awesome.

lonestarmt4057d ago

yeah, but there are sooo many FPS out now. Its easy to see that FPS sell the most in the US of any genre, but I for one am getting tired of them, they have to be different like haze or bioshock , or just raise the bar on what they can do like killzone for me to be interested.

Agreed on halo. Half-life 2 deserves to be king of FPS IMO. There are soo many FPS on the PC that are better than Halo its a joke.

Skizelli4057d ago (Edited 4057d ago )

It sold millions, that's what.

You guys have to understand that it's a console FPS from the ground up. Before Halo, GoldenEye and Perfect Dark were the kings of FPS on console. As far as console FPS are concerned, Halo did a lot to revive the genre. It had the fun factor of GoldenEye and Perfect Dark, a great control scheme, it's competitive, it's balanced (sorta), it has a good plot, the hero has a likeable personality, and the multiplayer keeps fans coming back. A game doesn't sell millions if it sucks. It's just that millions of people have a difference of opinion. It can be said that COD4 just might be the next best thing, but it's like comparing apples and oranges to me. I love both.

Guardian0fPeace4057d ago

it was too n00b friendly--I just find it sickening that they put in so many weapons that take absolutely no skill to annihilate people with, it's ridiculous. Gears of War is the closest to balanced that I have seen in a long time (the shotgun is the only n00bish weapon--no need to aim it, can just run around firing randomly at people with 20ft of you and they die even if you weren't facing em, but there's still plenty of times that you can manage to kill people who do that anyways, so w/e). Perfect Dark 64 has been my all time favorite shooter up until Gears. Hope Rare takes advantage of no longer being rushed by MS and gets to make PD2 a truly finished, awesome game, the franchise has the potential to be the best of the best shooters, but they gotta do it right, use unreal engine 3 or something like that, keep all the multi-player customizability that both predecessors had, and even add more, ad get rid of the n00bish voice actors from pdz...

mighty_douche4057d ago (Edited 4057d ago )

was halo 1, a truely amazing game that offered console gamers an FPS that wasnt possible before. (unless on PC)

best thing about halo 2/3, marketting, plain and simple.

Skizelli4055d ago (Edited 4055d ago )

@5.2: Unbalanced? Hardly. There's always one weapon that counters another. That's what I've always liked about Halo. Perhaps H3's arsenal is a little over the top, but to call it noob-friendly? Definitely not. I do think the ranking system needs tweaking because there's crappy lvl 30+ players that got their rank playing team games. Get to 40+ in lone wolves and then tell me it's noob-friendly. Getting kills doesn't make you good. Sure, it may be easy to slaughter people in Social, especially as it seems a lot of people suck on Halo 3 compared to Halo 2, but the skill lies in NOT getting slaughtered. GoW and balanced shouldn't be used in the same sentence. If you want to call two people using the chainsaw on each other at the exact same time and it randomly choosing who wins balanced, then whatever. Even Cliffy B stated he didn't think it was at tournament level.

@5.3: Best thing about Halo 2... nothing. But I did play it with friends a lot, so that counts for something. Best thing about Halo 3... less focus on dual-wielding, no more RL lock-on, less auto-aim on sniper rifle, mongooses, forge, replays... I can go on. It's like Halo 1 all over again, but on steroids, plain and simple.

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