How will Ryu's fireball work in Tekken? Harada explains

We wouldn't want to be the guy in charge of putting Street Fighter characters into a Tekken game that isn't completely borked as a result. That man, however, is none other than the Tekken series' long-standing game director, Katsuhiro Harada, who has recently tackled the crucial question: How will Ryu's fireballs (and other projectiles) work in the traditionally melee-only Tekken universe in Tekken X Street Fighter?

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J86blum2665d ago

I always had a idea that any fireball or sonicboom would just be done like the first Mortal Kombat movie where it stayed close to the persons hands, but doing high damage.

Or just do it like Devil's lazer and make it stationary, can't repeat use, and does leave you open. (That way Tekken players who dodge or sidestep have a chance as well.)

jc485732665d ago

funny how it took this long to have this discussion.

El_Colombiano2665d ago

Seriously. Projectiles in Tekken was a huge wtf for me.

Urrakia342665d ago

The game is apparently at "0%" development-wise so how do you expect him to elaborate on a gameplay mechanic when they haven't even started working on it?

Focker4202665d ago

I think sidestepping is a perfectly legit tactic to avoid fireballs in the Tekken game. Tekken characters are made to adapt to the techniques used in a 2D setting with Street Fighter x Tekken, so why not make the Street Fighter characters adapt to the 3D setting of Tekken x Street Fighter??

Both games are different for a reason. We can't make them exactly the same because each game has such different fighting techniques.

devilhunterx2665d ago

No one played Battle Arena Toshinden?

jetlian2665d ago

you guys never play tekken jinpachis fireball could be dodged

Quagmire2665d ago (Edited 2665d ago )

I figured it will be similar to Heihachis attack where it looks like he's performing a hadouken (or kamehameha), but he actually shocks the opponent, in the form of physically hitting them, without the need for power/energy/wave.

But seriously, people should leave them alone. Theyre busy working on Tekken Tag Tournament 2, let them finish that up before starting to really focus on TxSF

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